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  1. Nice guitar, the sunburst does look very well on it (better than the finish of mine, I must admit). The pickups do look like the classic Dirty Finger pickups. Congratulations! Santiago
  2. Hi, I have a Gibson Invader from 1983, with ebony fretboard and Sonex Deluxe 180 pickups (also zebra pattern but not Dirty Fingers), which I believe were also called "Velvet Brick" pickups. I have also heard that the body is mahogany, but I have not checked, and you cannot see it through the finish. Perhaps I should unscrew the neck to have a look at the colour of the wood... I cannot talk about your BC Rich MIJ (it sounds nice, though), but I like my Invader a lot. The action is really low without buzzes, with low frets that make playing really easy. I bought it from a heavy metal shredder, so he may have set it up like that himself, but on the other hand I played a friend's Gibson Challenger II (that is fairly similar and from the same era) and the action and playability was the same, so it may be a feature of these types of guitars. I personally like the Sonex Deluxe 180 "Velvet brick" pickups very much, they have a good trebley bite for humbuckers which to my mind makes them very versatile for clean or distorted styles. I do not have experience with Dirty Fingers, but I've heard great things about them. So if you can get it at a good price it can be a very good buy. The fact that it is bolt-on may make them less collectable than other Gibson's, but for those with an open mind these guitars can be a real bargain. The Challenger II from the same era is another under-rated but in practice great guitar from the same era (although with a very different sound - extremely dark Bill Lawrence pickups on that one). Good luck in any case... Agur Santiago
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