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  1. I am going to break my self-imposed rule to not post here anymore, to post one more time and say, well done LS. Very well thought out and civil explanation that I think covers what a lot of us are thinking. The only thing missing is the mic drop at the end. Thank you. To almost everyone else, thank you too. Bye bye.
  2. Did not really miss anything, but the blocking does work, thanks. What a train wreck.
  3. Boy, you're just begging for it aren't you? What a sad-sack sh!t life you must lead, getting your jollies this way. Your bad reputation is higher than your post count, who do you get to brag to,about that? If this is what this forum is all about, I'm moving on.
  4. Or, getting a colonoscopy.....
  5. Pau Ferro is just as real as Indian Laurel. If I were Fender, I'd stain the IL a little darker and doubt that anyone would determine any real difference from RW. It just looks dry....
  6. Stand by, somebody with much more knowledge than, myself will be along in a bit. In the meantime, welcome aboard. Pictures always help.
  7. A wise decision. Fantastic, all-around guitar, capable of a variety of tones. Dennis is right, they can feedback, but as long as you're aware of your proximity to your amp, you should be fine. I actually like them for controlled feedback. Beyond that almost all years and countries of origin are good. I don't recall them having any particular problems with anything, just find the one that speaks to you, when you pick it up. Once you get it, post pictures and a review of your impressions, would ya?
  8. Here's one that I had. The color was just a little too bright for me, liked it though. If I remember correctly, a 2012.
  9. Been a while, good sir. Hope all is well.
  10. Try TerrapinGuitars. They have online templates, that you can print out, and make alterations to, for situations like this. You can scan the marked up template, or mail it to them and they'll make it for you. I've used them for a half dozen guards and as mentioned, you can order with no bracket hole.
  11. What are the dimensions from pickup to pickup? A Casino guard might just work. Plenty of places that have those, even ones that sell without the bracket hole, for a true 335 look.
  12. <a href="http://imgur.com/WSYost9"><img src="https://i.imgur.com/WSYost9.gif" title="source: imgur.com" /></a>
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