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  1. Enjoy it. If it plays nice. They are great guitars and that is a great price unless it's broken. Congrats!
  2. I asked that here last winter after buying my 339 pro. HERE is that thread. I noticed that the websites selling them described them one way, and EPi's website another. it was confusing. Some guys here piped in, and they couldn't agree totally either. it's a mystery..lol. But I do not think we have anything but Alnico generic style pups in these guitars. That was one conclusion from some that knew more than I. But, they sound a lot like my old Epiphone dot pups, and nothing like the Gibson 57's I put in the Dot. So I am not buying Epi's comparisons. The Gibson 57's don't have the punch these d
  3. John at Terrapin is great to deal with. I should have mentioned him first. I bought mine on ebay because I wanted a more bound look which the more angled bevel provided. I'm sure Jophn can hook you up.
  4. I'm not sure what guard it will take, but I have bought three 5 ply from this guy on Ebay. They look nice. if you can figure out what you need, he might have one. Pricey but nicer than then the thininner ply and more angle to the bevel. here
  5. Crow


    THanks! I love the sunburst too. It wasn't available when I bought the Ebony. I already have a Cherry Dot, so wanted a different color 339, and found the ebony. I like it a lot, but when I saw someone here post a pics of their Sunburst. I had to have one too. In just a few hours I had one on the way. My pics don't do them justice.
  6. "I know what Greenie went thru to some extent from personal experience with psychedelics" Me too, I am a child of the 50's and 60's. Lots of fun..lol. But... some didn't make it so good. Peter is just barely there now. He sings softly and plays very softly. If you watch the whole video from the Splinter group session, now and then he gets going pretty good. But he's a dazed man. We are lucky to have made it out alive I guess. Man that was along time ago...
  7. It's so sad what happened to Peter. Nigel plays Peter's old riffs very well. Peter Green is one of my favorite guitarists. I see people hammering Nigel and slamming Peter. No matter who is playing that wonderful music, I would rather hear it this way, than not at all. It's a very sad story. "Man of the World". pretty much sums up how he was feeling before he went off the deep end.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WI9ZkcwhnlE&feature=fvwrel A good documentary for those interested. HERE
  8. Crow


    Congratulations! I thought maybe I was the only one here with an Ebony 339. I liked mine so much I bought another 339 in Sunburst. I put lighter stings on the sunburst so I could justify having two 339's..lol I changed pickguards on them both. I love these guitars.
  9. Thanks, I like the look. My first choice would have been Cherry, but I already have a Cherry Dot..lol A man has to know his limitations..lol.. I bought 6 guitars this spring when I retired. All in one month. That is a sickness..lol
  10. Thanks, I never saw those, but the one I got look pretty nice,a nd were precut for Epiphone 339, at about half that price, so I am happy. I got these from a an ebay seller. I had bought one for my Dot a few years ago, so I knew they looked pretty nice.
  11. For those who were helping me in a different thread, I just wanted to post pics of my new pickguards I got for my 339's. Yes I am sick, I bought two 339's..lol Not the best pics, my apologies, but I was looking for an old style Gibson "Bound" pickguard look. These look pretty good, at least I like them. They aren't bound they are just beveled at 60 degrees. Not sure I like pickguards, but if I am gonna have them, at least I like these better than the ones that come on them. Terrible pics I know. but you can get the idea.
  12. Well I already put in my $.02, but honestly tho I enjoy the 57's and they did seem to add some more tonal range, I was a little let down at first. I expected more for my $200 "Upgrade". But I had already had it done so I just enjoyed it. But in my non expert mind I thought..hhmmm wasn't nuthin wrong with those old pickups after all. And I did miss some of the punch the originals had. I have never owned a Gibson, so I didn't really know what sound I was chasing..lol. I do wish I would have put the 57+plus in the bridge, instead of just two 57's. And like I said also, the new 339's I bought (2)
  13. I changed the pickups In my old wonderful Korean Dot a couple of years ago to Gibson 57's. It has a whole different tone. And tone range with the knobs now. I did not change the pots, just the pickups. But I really like the original pickups and missed them. Though the change was good I lost some ooomph or crunch I had with the stockers, that Alvin lee, ZZtop baddass crunch. The 57's are a little less "HOT" IMHO. Smoother..I didn't get the plus for the bridge, I just went with two classic 57's... Still the difference in the tonal range with the tone knobs was very good. The tome knobs became im
  14. Beautiful! Enjoy it, they are great guitars. I have an older Korean model that is sweet. I changed the pickups to Gibson 57's. It has a whole different tone. And tone range with the knobs now. But I really like the original pickups and missed them. So, I bought a es-339 which has very similar pickups. I love them. That Blue is gorgeous. Congrats!
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