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  1. I have a 1993 Firebird V that I bought at a guitar show in Columbus Ohio for $700 back in 1995. It was just what I was looking for, good condition but not pristine - a "daily driver". I swapped out the bridge pickup for a Seymour Duncan SM-2 but I kept the stock pickup so I can change it back someday. Although I love Firebirds I always thought the red heat-stamped bird on the pick guard was a bit "tacky" for lack of a better word. So I got a plain white guard as well as a mother-of-toilet-seat and a clear one so I could change up the look periodically. I am getting a mint-black-mint which I think will be very cool but I can put the stock ‘guard back on someday. I have an SG Custom & a Les Paul with P90's as well, the 'Bird is certainly its own animal. I love it though at times it has been love/hate because my 'Bird can be very moody depending on temperature & humidity, much more so than my other guitars. Temperament aside, I always come back to my Firebird. It is capable of getting many tones and I can play a wide range of music styles with it. A Firebird with a little bit of compression into a Vox AC30 is very different but pure bliss tone! Pick up a Firebird and if you don’t love it, someone else out there will – you can sell it. But don’t make a quick decision because ‘Birds are an “acquired taste”.
  2. Here is mine... if anyone can help me with decoding the serial number 35372 into a manufacture year that would be great! Somewhere early 90's, all mahogany, number 044 of 200.
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