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  1. Quick update folks!! A deal was done for £200.00 GBP. I will post new pics once I have restored it. Thanks again. Nidge.
  2. Thanks for your replies. It does seem like a nice guitar but it does require a little light restoration work and with that in mind I think I will offer between 150 and 200 GBP and see what happens. Thanks again. Nidge
  3. Thanks for the info so far. Strange though as it does actually have a set neck!! Any idea on value? Cheers Nidge
  4. Hi Guys and Girls, Just joined this great forum and I wondered if anyone could help me identify this rather nice Epiphone electric that I have just picked up. I am looking to purchase it of a friend but he knows nothing about it either so we are both lost as to a guide price (I don't know what to offer and he does not know what it is worth so can't give me a price). It has no information on it other than Epiphone on the headstock. It has been used and does have some dinks and a few sctratches here and there. Hope you can help me. Many thanks in advance. Nidge.
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