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  1. For a kick off photos are EXTREMELY important as these can give alot more information You can use Photobucket, Imageshack or a Thumbnail (Tho the limit is small) With this we can help you out quite a bit...
  2. Its Rosewood. Baked Maple wasn't introduced until after the Lacey Raid on 24th August 2011 as a subsitute while Gibson tried to continue production of their guitars From September 2011 till mid 2012 when the Case was closed Gibson used a few different fretboards including Richlite & Granadillo. Rosewood was used but it was layered to get arround the ruling during this time...
  3. Pauly710 to be honest I'm with them (And thats saying something!) You blatantly just want to believe your right and this topic as such will be posted & replied to indefinately! That fact of the matter is you have a 93 Classic it doesn't matter what some people have said it "MAYBE" these are the facts... Just leave this place and go bother someone else who may actually believe this BS...
  4. To get the "historic look" on your hardware you just need some wire wool & some patience... Rust isn't always present on 59's and if anything makes it less desirable. Internally the general rule is to have 4 CTS pots at 500k with them wired in a C shape over the top. The Capacitors will depend on what you after but the general consensus is to use Oil filled (Bumble Bees) or Orange Drops Finally with the pickups its a question of what you want 57's will do the job but Seymour Duncan & Bare Knuckle do some very good 59 customs This is more or less what I did (Minus the historic
  5. The weight relief removes roughly 1lb of weight (9lb 8oz vs 8lb 6oz) Burst Pro's are quite bright but the standard comes with coil splitting, out of phase & direct feed push pulls (a la Clapton) The 59 Tributes are some of the closest to the genuine pickups I've head in a while (I own some JB SDC "Seymour Skinners") but you don't get any coil splitting options out the box. The neck as always is a personal choice that needs to be felt & played to give you an idea of what you want...
  6. Its Just a 2000's 60's Necked Standard Before 2008 Standards came in 2 flavours a 50's neck or a 60's neck with a BLANK truss rod cover with BB Pro Pickups fitted From 2008-2011 The standard came with an Assymetrical 50's neck & from late 2011 a 60's Assymetrical neck both with a Standard Truss Rod Covers. Also from 2008 onwards the Traditional was introduced with most fitted with a 50's necked but come with 57 Classics pickups usually (Tho Some special runs exist of variants)
  7. I'm getting one of these soon and want to do some mods I would like to know if the "Dublin" model still has 2 BB3's or where they swapped out and for what? Also was anything internally changed to the caps, wiring or pots? Thanks in advance...
  8. AFAIK Gibson pickups are potted for a more vintage tone when they have covers I have never seen a potted pickup with no cover on nor have I see a covered pickup with no potting If you can explain I'll listen
  9. A Potted Pickup has a Chrome/Gold cover over it and unpotted one is 2 exposed lines of 6 magnet poles and comes in usually black, cream or both (zebra)
  10. No problem. Because you live in Dubai with the shipping & import tax would be quite substantial I suspect buying from their is your best bet. But if your ok with the costs definitely go for it these keep if not gain in value... If you don't want to import a model between 2008 & 2011 (I regard as the Modern Golden Age) or the 2013 SOLID Traditional's also (look like a promising proposition) are very good bases to start with The current Gary Moore definitely has the Looks you want but would still need to be modified with the peter green mod etc The last option is to get a GENUI
  11. Larry Corsa is the GOTO guy for the Peter Green conversions. However the only 2 pieces that you need to make a Peter Green Guitar are a Luthier who can un pot a pickup and rotate the magnet (Very messy to do yourself) & add some vintage style Capacitors costing a Mere $100 or so to do. I used a Traditional but the recommended model is a Faded Standard http://i1116.photobucket.com/albums/k564/Solidsnake1mgs/SAM_0419.jpg
  12. I'll just leave this here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IrZpxgz7Dwk
  13. Exactly, I own a Traditional with the PG mod done to some 57 Classic's with Bumble Bee caps But the essential part is indeed the magnet mod. Its such a simple thing that's a signature of Gary Moore's sound it seems stupid to ignore it.
  14. Finally got a chance to try this guitar in Manchester at Dawson's, Usually with signatures you expect a custom setup of pickups, hardware & finishes as you would see the actual artist use them. However in this case only the finish is being used here... Trying it out I was expecting the classic "Moore" nasally screeching sound to be produced and I frankly found it to be exactly the same as my 08 Standard (over bright, with no capacitor reductions) Its kind of disappointing really, we're talking about a guitar that has a signature sound and many want to emulate. So really what was
  15. These are the ones you normally see in the vintage traditional & such (I also hate them and remove them ASAP) What your suggesting to put in are a MUCH better capacitor and will give you much creamier out put.
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