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    M&A ... hum, not Mergers & Acquisitions but Music & Adventure, scotch singles and blends
  1. Hank, I have an RD Standard, not an Artist so no active electronics. I did put a set of EMG 80/81's in it for a while. They fit in without issue. I put a battery box into the back cover plate. Fantastic guitar for metal at that point. However, I have since taken them out and put in a set of Gibson 490R/T. Much better for blues and classic rock. Great guitar, but very heavy.

  2. Hi Greg, i read you put emg pickups on a 77RD artist, is that simple to fix in the guitar ? Is there room enough, i guess yes but just want to be sure, i love the design of the guitar but want to get rid of this odd electronics . Hpw it is to play ? The neck ? With your emg ? Sounds ok ? Thank you for sharing your experience :)

  3. Well ... It should not happen with a good vine :)
  4. mines both electrics and acoustics are definitely in their case, i have no room enough to let them out all anyway but most of all ... i cant stand dusty guitar, especially in the headstock, i d rather spend 3 seconds ore even 30 seconds (depending where they are) looking for a guitar somewhere in my place ... the most often played are in my music room anyway (all the acoustics actually)
  5. Fantastic ! How does she sound pluged ? Good ? I am hesitating between same one and true vintage only acoustic (1992) cant make my mind :)
  6. Well thank you guys, i think i made my mind and will go for the new modern classic i played instead of getting the 92 vintage... (It is overseas and i cannot try) the new one here in france sounds good, really good I prefer to buy a vintage guitar only if i play it before I will try to find another sex toy for my axes in sears catalogue anyway :)
  7. Exactly ! What the hell is this ?
  8. That´s a very good thought actually... I never asked myself where playing only one guitar would lead my musical identity ... I own guitars also because i love the items, i consider them as pieces of art, when i started geting enough money to buy good guitars i did with the idea to look like my favorite artists (both sound and look)... Then with time i get experience and more personality and i tend to agree with your idea of focusing on core and i would add : focusing on identity (our idientity) Look at jamey johnson, he hits the road and record great album with a used and abused epiphone guitar... Always the same... This guitar is his beast friend ... I m jealous... I d love to have a friend like this :) I love guitars, some of them speaks of what i was, some are what i still am and maybe future ones will be what i REALLY am Understanding the big picture is a long road but at the end of the day and musicaly speaking, like a decent wardrobe, less (but quality) is always better !
  9. Hi there I am considering buying a 1992 J200 standard vintage but i hesitate between this pure acoustic model and a brand new J200 standard modern classic... Because of the pickup... I really dont know how the 1992 will sound with a pick up and frankly the new one sounds quiet good. If anyone has been trough a pick up instalation on a j 200 please share with me your experience an the results on your guitar If i decide to go for the 1992 one i beleive i ll go for a fishman but i have another question guys, i really dont know what are those black round plates that cover the rosace We see on guitars when dudes like chad krugger or aaron lewis play live... What are those damn piece of plastic that cover the rosace ??? Is that a part of a pickup ? Tanx Hank
  10. Thanx Juan Carlos, i get the point now. that's actually right what you say, i never realized some of the special issues are not in the regular catalogue ! many tanx
  11. hi there i would like to understand more about custom shop acoustic models. I have crossed a very nice southern jumbo true vintage which is stamped with the custom shop logo behind the headstock. what is the difference between custom shop and non custom shop acoustic i hope the experts around this forum would gently explain all about those marketing segments :) tanx in advance Hank
  12. I am country these days

  13. i agree .. but wait a minute .... are you saying keifer sutherland has a gibson signature ??????
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