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  1. Then you need to turn it up to 11 and tell everyone to piss off !!
  2. I know where you're comming from , it's almost like you spend more time figuring out what your gear can do instead of what you can do with your gear . Am i close ? I do the same s@#t too !
  3. that's kinda like chewing gum and walking at the same time though.
  4. Went to see an old school 80's band at jaxx in springfiel VA, some of you might know them RAVEN . My wife and the drummer Joe Hasselvander grew up together , got to hang with the band , pretty cool night .
  5. I like keeping mine in the middle of the music room because it pisses my wife off . In a case ,laying on the floor,propped against the amp ,whatever .
  6. if you run your pc through a reverse echo pedal it will countdown your post numbers and your dad will never know !
  7. For that kinda cheese you'd think it would at least be bookmatched and come with a polishing cloth .
  8. Just saw KISS on the 35 Alive tour and Paul did smash up one of his guitars , I think he plays washburns or silvertones now , the crowd went crazy for it , but everyone around me was already pretty tore up by then because we're all old enough to drink now !!!
  9. A Kay SG copy , burgandy color , broke every string 10,000 times before she was run over and had to be put down .
  10. My standard . Because it's mine !!
  11. urbs


    Greg , did you play one of the tradtional pro models ? These bad boys have the coil taps on the vol pots , I played a ebony one for a couple of minutes but had to jet because I was on my lunch break , the guitar felt just like my standard 06 but with the added versatility of the coil taps I'm thinking about pissing off my wife and buying myself one for x-mas !!
  12. urbs


    Look at the price your paying for that pretty flame maple top !! I just checked them out at the local GC and they are some very seriously nice geeters !!
  13. I play a JCM2000 TSL122 on about 5 at night and 10 during the day out in my garage .The cops only came by once but I was already drinking by then .
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