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  1. i got a lab series amp and if they made anything like that again that would be great
  2. im a fan of Rammstein and love the guitar work that Paul and Richard do
  3. female Cristina Scabbia Doro Pesch Kim McAuliffe Lzzy Hale male Chuck Billey Greg Lake Lemmy Ronnie James Dio
  4. last Friday I bought Arch Enemy Doomsday Machine Slipknot Voliminal Inside The 9
  5. here are my candidates for best album ever Pink Floyd - The Wall Judas Priest - British Steel Black Sabbath - Heaven And Hell Dio - Last In Line Slipknot - Volume 3 The Subliminal Versus Megadeth - Rust In Peace Slayer - Seasons The Abyss Rammstein - Mutter Rush - Mutter Emerson, Lake, and Palmer - Brain Salad Surgery
  6. i loved the sid barrett pink floyd era
  7. just got this one today
  8. the years started to fly when I started middle school
  9. today i was playing guitar and when i was done i heared some voices coming threw my amp and i turned up the volume and heard this
  10. I am proudly anti union and if my guitar center goes unionized I will still shop there
  11. substance over flash but I like a lot of substance
  12. in no order Ronnie James dio Rob Halford Johanthon Davis Till Lindermann Tom Araya Bruce Dickonson Klaus Meine Brian Johnson Greg Lake Bobby Blitz
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