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  1. Good to see that the Nelson sound and emotion is in good hands. Beautiful. rb
  2. Thanks to you all for the kind words and support. I truly appreciate it. It’s really fun to be singing and playing again. It’s interesting, with my “non-Gibsons”, I found myself just noodling and plinkin’ rather than playing songs. Different with the J45...now songs are coming out again. Hard to describe to non players, but I’m guessing you all get it. Roger
  3. This is one of my all time favorite songs so I thought I’d post it featuring my new J45. I really love this guitar and have been singing more since I got it than I had for many months prior. Consequently, I’m a little rusty so I hope you’ll forgive the flubs and rough spots. It’s funny how the right guitar can inspire us to get back in the saddle. I didn’t realize how much I was missing the sound and feel of a Gibson. Fits just right.
  4. Just answered my own question. I just watched the Music Villa video featuring 5 J45s. They do have a strap button on them from the factory. Sorry, I should have viewed the video first. Oh well... rb
  5. Does Gibson install a strap button new guitars at the factory? Have seen a few new ones in stores (including one that I just bought) with chrome buttons on the neck heel...just wondering. rb
  6. Thanks Sal, that was a good one and I’m glad it’s still in the family. Yes, feels like home is a good way to put it. Everything is right where it’s supposed to be on a J45. hope you’re well. roger
  7. Well done, Nikevisit. Not familiar with the song, but it sure has the JJ vibe. rb
  8. Thanks guys. I never actually left the forum....always checking in admiring all the Gibson pictures and reading the discussions. Kinda knew I’d be a Gibson owner again. btw, I see you’re a Hoosier, Kelly. I grew up near Richmond. GREAT memories of a wonderful time and place. rb
  9. Well, my guitar collection had grown to 5 guitars and I wasn’t enjoying playing 4 of them. Recently stopped my local guitar shop (first time since Covid), and they had just received a new J45 standard. I have owned 4 of them in the past (beginning in 1963 with a new cherry sunburst beauty). Selling, swapping, etc. led me to a place where I was not playing much...not enjoying the guitars I had acquired, all perfectly fine instruments. When I picked up and played the new 45 that old feeling hit hard. This is the sound and feel I’ve been missing. So between selling and trading I ended up with the new 45, With no money out, which was my goal, and I am back to enjoying playing and singing again. These guitars are so great at accompanying the voice it’s no wonder they have such a rich history. Love the short scale, the fingerboard radius, the Piano-like sound, and the history that is represented, the look. My other guitar, the one I kept, is a 00Nick Lucas from Ed Bond at Halcyon...a great guitar as well. I don’t know how to post pics here, but you all know what they look like anyway. Feeling good about the deal, with no regrets. rb
  10. Birth year for me. I wish I had the extra cash, but with the recent decline, it’s not in the cards for me. Good luck with your sale. rb
  11. Thx. Glad it’s still being loved. roger
  12. Well done, Sal. Thanks for the share roger
  13. Does your musical partner still have my old J45? roger
  14. Nice job on a tricky tune, Sal. Good to see you back on the horse. I had a few weeks’ absence too...funny how a world health crisis can get to me these days. Ah, to be young and bullet proof again.... Hope all is well with you and yours, friend. Keep singing. Roger
  15. Hmmm...telling your wife you have more than one guitar...interesting concept. Nah. rb
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