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  1. I knew what you meant, Hall, but I can’t edit either. Not sure what’s going on, but the way I usually type, I definitely need an edit function. thanks for your note. Twang Gang, J45Nick, AnneS, uncle fester also. I appreciate you all sending a note. roger
  2. Thanks so much, guys for giving this some of your time to listen and jot a note. It’s appreciated very much. E-minor7, yes I keep the 45 a half step down to accommodate my declining vocal range, which is a lot more than a half step down these days ; ). Besides that, I really love the sonorous tones this big guy gives back when strummed. In dropped-D, it’s like the low rumble of thunder across a summer cornfield. Just lovely. Roger
  3. Probably my favorite Willie Nelson tune. I hope you enjoy it, flubs and all. On the J45, my favorite sidekick. Roger
  4. Way to go, Sal. The performance is super, and that 45 does ring just right. roger
  5. I thought I was the only one that disliked the graphics on the headstock. Retro is ok, but this is a wee bit over the top. Great sounding guitars though. rb
  6. Now THAT’S what I can tell my wife. Yeah, that’s it...out of wallet experience. rb
  7. However, this being said, I DID fall in love with a Martin OM28 a few days ago. As I was driving home I looked in the back seat and found that it had crawled into my car. Well as long as it’s here, I might as well give it a chance to earn a spot on the team, no? rb
  8. Thanks for giving this a listen, guys. Kwalker, Garth was an Oklahoma boy wasn’t he? Could be wrong, but I seem to remember that. Roger
  9. I’ve been through a number of Martins over the last 40 years and enjoy the tone and feel, the history and legacy of the company. I have a lot of respect for Martin as a company. With the exception of a D42, most of them have been mid to lower end priced instruments. They don’t seem to have staying power with me. Nothing keeps dragging me back to my senses like a good J45, however. rb
  10. Here’s a quick iPhone recording of one of Garth’s early hits. Always loved this tune. I muffed the lyrics in one or two spots, but...hope you enjoy it anyway. Love this J45. thanks for watching.
  11. Very nicely done, Anne. John is smiling when that’s playing, I’ll bet. Thanks for posting this. roger
  12. I’ve used many K&Ks, but this time I installed a JJB in my J45. Same idea a KK, a little better sound and half the cost. Win, win, win. rb
  13. Wowser.....really .well done. Good tune and great groove. I’d say the rescue was a success. thanks for sharing this tune with us. roger
  14. Wow, that really sounds great...and your playing is superb. thanks for sharing this. roger
  15. You know Sal, that’s exactly right. When I want to try and do my best, it’s the J45 that I make suffer through it with me. Can’t be beat for singer songwriter stuff. ALD323... the scene you described is precisely how I think of that song. That one and Helpless by Neil also. I must have heard it in my younger camping days drifting through the campground from a distant campsite. Was that you set up on the site next to us that night? Thanks to both of you guys for the kind comments. Much appreciated. rb
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