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  1. Betting the guitar is legitimate, just that the GC guy screwed up. I’d take the paperwork and a photo of your label back and get the right paperwork. rb
  2. Good one Sal. The OO sounds good. Merry Christmas. Roger
  3. Tried to play it. Looks like somebody ran off with your video, drathbun. What happened? rb
  4. Hi Kelly. I grew up in Cambridge City. In Wayne County, right on old Rt 40 about 15 miles west of Richmond and an hour east of Indy. how about you...where are you located? roger
  5. Thanks so much for the kind words, folks. I feel exactly the same way, MissouriPicker. Born in 46, I couldn’t ask for a better place and time to grow up in. Fishing on the river from morning til evening (just be home by supper time). Sitting under the streetlight at night talking to my buddies, walking to school, sledding on the local hill til late evening...on and on the memories flow. I am a blessed man. Some people would call it boring (especially today’s youth), but to me it was perfect. I’m saddened by what I see going on these days. Kids don’t experience that simple “goodness” that we knew. thanks again, Roger
  6. Thanks dhanners. You know, I’ve considered submitting the song to the state, not to be used as the official song, but just to have it on file as my little tribute to the state I loved as a kid. Probably would be met with something like “yeah thanks...don’t call us, we’ll call you”. 😊. I’m sure they get all kinds of stuff like this. thanks again.
  7. This tune weaves its way through the seasons in the small town where I grew up in central Indiana. My memories are so vivid as I look back on a childhood that provided everything I can imagine needing...and none of it involved material possessions. A great time and place to grow up. I miss that kind of simplicity. This is sort of a companion song to the dusty road tune. I hope you enjoy my musings. Thank you for listening. roger
  8. Thanks for the comments. I’m truly flattered and pleased that you like my musings of a childhood in Indiana. roger
  9. Very sorry to read this. Loved his style and his presence felt genuine. rb
  10. Hi dhanners623. Thanks so much for your reaction to my song. I think when they come from our own experiences they present far better. I appreciate your taking the time to listen and respond. Usually original tunes don’t grab much attention on forums. I grew up in Cambridge City, on old Rt 40, near Richmond. Town of 1700 good folks. I wouldn’t trade my childhood for anything in the world. Great time and place to grow up. I was in the Air Force with a guy from Terre Haute...name was Boland if I recall correctly. That was in ‘65. I also wrote a song called My Indiana. Maybe I’ll do a recording of it someday and see if it resonates. Thanks again. Roger
  11. Thanks for the feedback guys. The guitar in the background is a Halcyon 00NL. It’s a deep body Nick Lucas style (lutz over rosewood) which has an amazing voice...loud and rich tone. Halcyon are hand made in Canada by builder Ed Bond. Good eye, 62burst. rb
  12. I wrote this song a few years ago. It’s about growing up in the country, in the middle of Indiana. While not completely factual, it’s is fundamentally accurate, depicting life during that era (late 40s. - 50s) for many of our friends and neighbors. I hope you like it. It’s a very personal expression to me. It suits a J45 to a tee. Thanks for giving it a listen.
  13. I love to tinker, and feel that pins and saddle make the most difference...the nut, not so much so I don’t worry about that. Tusc pins give me a more brittle, strident sound than bone or plastic. It’s a toss up, depending on the guitar and the strings, which of those two I’ll favor. Ebony has not provided a great deal of satisfaction to me, other than on a D35 I used to own (and foolishly sold). Fun part of the hobby for me. rb
  14. Do you have a return option? I’ve kept instruments that i questioned, thinking I’d get a setup, try different strings, pins, etc. and in the final analysis, I’d sell or trade it off because it never quite achieved what I had expected...improved some, but not enough. There are too many great sounding ones out there to struggle with it. If no return option, then take it to a good setup person and hope for the best. I’m sorry you’re experiencing this, as I’ve been there. Of course, this is just one guys opinion after 55 years of buying, selling. rb
  15. Here is a great tune from the late Guy Clark. Story about growing up...or not. Guitar is a non-Gibson, hope you all will forgive me. Eastman E8OM. I hope you enjoy the tune.
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