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  1. Nice job on a tricky tune, Sal. Good to see you back on the horse. I had a few weeks’ absence too...funny how a world health crisis can get to me these days. Ah, to be young and bullet proof again.... Hope all is well with you and yours, friend. Keep singing. Roger
  2. Hmmm...telling your wife you have more than one guitar...interesting concept. Nah. rb
  3. Loved this one Sal. Well done. Harmonies And lead vocal were spot on and the J45 is sounding great. roger
  4. rbpicker


    “Agree. The warranty should only be a year in Detroit too. “ Fortyyearspickin, as a resident of southeast Michigan and a frequent visitor to Detroit, I’m curious as to your rationale for this comment. rb
  5. The sound clips I’ve heard so far have not impressed me at all. Sound is thin and sort of sterile, IMO. I predict that this will not be a major success. Of course, I’ve been wrong before, so there’s that. rb
  6. That wouldn’t bother me in the least...wipe ‘em down and play is what I’d do. roger
  7. Good to see the J-45 Standard is still there. I just read on the AGF that folks over there were under the impression that the standard is missing from the lineup. Didn’t seem very likely to me. rb
  8. Mighty sweet pickin’ right there....mighty sweet. rb
  9. So smooth, so nice. Great job. roger
  10. Huge Croce fane here! Still remember the day Jim and Maury’s plane went down.. I was in shock. Jim was one of a kind and Maury’s amazing talent was brilliant, subtle, but brilliant. nice job with this, Sal. Jim Croce can be tricky to pull off. You did him proud. roger
  11. Merry Christmas Sal. The best to you and your family for health and peace in the new year. roger
  12. If the bird was the same finish as the AJ, which would you like better? I’m usually swayed by the looks of a guitar in addition to the sound. maybe your dealer could order a bird with a different finish??? rb
  13. Absolutely loved it, Sal. Both the guitar and the vocals. So good to see you posting tunes again. the guitar sounds huge and so sweet. Great catch! good luck with the smokes. I did it 35 years ago and am glad every day of my life...I thought of it as quitting just one cigarette at a time. When the urge hit I said “I’ll just not smoke this one”...pretty soon all was calm. best to you and yours, friend. Roger
  14. Good catch, Sal. Looking forward to hearing some tunes on it. roger
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