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  1. Nice sound, Sal. Very commanding bass, but great balance. You got a sweet one. roger
  2. I think I qualify for membership in that club too, Dave. 😳 it’s a great part of the hobby for me. If the bills are paid, you’re saving some, mamma’s happy, and the baby has shoes...no harm in my book. Roger
  3. That’s a mighty fine looking CW, Sal. Is that a long scale? Sorta looks like it. Congratulations and I’m anxious to hear it. roger
  4. I did the K&K swap on my 2018 J45. Very pleased with the results. It sounds better plugged in and unplugged and it’s a few oz. lighter, which I like. I installed bone saddle and pins and changed the tuners to 3 on a plate. Oh, and I upgraded the pickguard to a tiger stripe guard. rb
  5. My DSS-15 slope shoulder dread plays nice with my J45. It’s louder and oh so sweet sounding. Perfect for singing behind/with. rb
  6. Well, actually Sal ....(I think you know what I’m going to say)... the J15 went the way of a number of great guitars that I’ve owned. It wasn’t filling the void I’d hoped it would so I sold it and searched until I found my current 45, replacing the one I sold you. It it was a good one, in fact the guy who bought had had one before, but this one sounded so good he had to have it.....the Circle of life I guess, laws of the jungle stuff. A little silly, but that’s what happened. roger
  7. Birdseye maple AJ that I owned several years ago. Very loud and cutting. Roger
  8. Sal, this is gonna be a hoot! How about Scott McKenzie’s San Francisco? Have a blast! Roger
  9. Great fly fishing in the area if that is of interest. It would be to me. 😎Rb
  10. Naked looks better to this man’s eye Rb
  11. I liked that a lot, Sal. Nice groove you worked up. You and big muddy are gettin’ along just fine. Roger
  12. Good choice on pickup and the tulip tuners. I think they’ll look great on it. And, not that you asked, but I’d still vote for no PG. That sea of blue just looks right to my artist’s eye. Roger
  13. No, not Elderly. They are MUCH larger than the shop I’m referring to. I’m talking about Detroit Guitar, located in Birmingham Michigan. Not sure if Elderly will patch things up with Gibson or not. They parted ways quite a while before other shops threw in the towel. Not sure it was for the same reason as others. Don’t know if Detroit Guitar has started receiving any instruments or not. Probably not yet. Rb
  14. Great job, Buc. One my S G favorites. That bird looks absolutely stunning without the pickguard. A huge thumbs up. Roger
  15. The dude don’t want to mess with us guys with daughters. Scumbag. Rb
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