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  1. They are my string of choice on my J45. Just right for the sound I’m after. rb
  2. Way to go, MP. I love songs that recall the good old days. More and more each day I realize that they really were the good old days. The best of times. roger
  3. Looking good Dave. Keep the pics coming. I love this project you’re doing. rb
  4. rbpicker


    I agree, they could have put a much higher up charge on it. A deal in this day and age. rb
  5. rbpicker


    Pick up your Rateliff sig model today at Music Villa….only 3300 bones. rb
  6. By all means, Sal. They’ll love it and it’ll provide a special memory for you all that’ll last forever. Very nice job. roger
  7. Yeah…right in the pocket. Very well done. Thanks for the post, I enjoyed that one. rb
  8. Looking good…can’t wait to see how this turns out. Good for you for pursuing this project. Not for the faint of heart. rb
  9. I once placed a small Bluetooth speaker inside a guitar and let it play for a few days. I powered it through my phone tuned to a Pandora channel. Helped to loosen up this new 00 sized instrument. This speaker had excellent bass response, so it really rumbled inside the guitar. rb
  10. You are the luckiest man I’ve heard about all day…all this week actually. Congratulations on a beautiful pair.. rb
  11. Bobouz, I really enjoyed you commentary on the mandolin. My experience ends with my one encounter with the L.L. Signed F5 I mentioned. Thanks for filling in more detail. BTW, the F5 I played was gifted to the owner some years ago by a late uncle. She toted it around in her car for weeks before it appeared at my house one night after she loaned it to a friend of mine. He was going to “work on it” for her. I explained what she had there and pleaded with him to not touch it. He listened and returned it to her. She took it to Elderly for an appraisal. They sold it for 135K. sorry to hijack the thread, but this was a unique experience. rb
  12. I was sort of kidding in my post above regarding Loar. I noted that the mandolin is an oval hole. Did Lloyd Loar only make only f-hole instruments? I’ve seen and played one of his (a ‘24). It was f-hole style, so I don’t know about the others he may have been involved with. whatever it is it is cool and likely worth a lot of money. rb
  13. Um…that mandolin didn’t by chance have a signature inside by a guy named Lloyd Loar did it? Maybe 1924 or thereabouts? holy smokes what a great gift to you. That J45 is beautiful. rb
  14. Good setup + good strings + time with the guitar is all that’s needed. I’d avoid “the guy at the store” from now on. He is just wrong. There are dozens of great string choices out there. rb
  15. That guitar has a really good sound, BK. Very rich sound. Thanks for the post. rb
  16. Wow, FB, that was excellent. I really enjoyed your take on this song. I’m also not a TW fan, but your version was terrific. The J45 is perfect for your voice and for that style of performance, and you don’t need no stinkin’ key changes. thanks for sharing this…well done! rb
  17. I think I’d be tempted to sell it intact, Al, and get something with the tone you’re looking for. You might spend time and money and still not like the outcome. rb
  18. No, drills and guitars don’t mix well. Think hand reamer for the tuner post holes and pin vise drill for the little screw holes. rb
  19. Yeah, that’s what it’s all about. Nice one, Sal. roger
  20. Well done David. Good storytelling. Thanks for posting this. roger
  21. Keith, that was SERIOUSLY good. Loved everything about it. thanks for the treat. roger
  22. Thank you Lars and Jeff. I’m happy that you liked my attempt. Roger
  23. Never forgotten. Thanks for this post, Buc. roger
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