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  1. i know i can download one off internet but would love to find a original Tronical e tune manual for my 2014 anniversary SG. I have already tried ebay and reverb any idea where i can buy one?
  2. EvoRider

    mini tune

    I have a 2014 Gibson SG standard 120 anniversary edition and I am having problem with it not responding to string removal unwinding... I had to manually loosing strings to replace them... I have followed the online videos and manual... it tunes up fine....
  3. I am looking at a cherry 2014 mini etune Anniversary that looks like yours... btw your is beautiful
  4. I am looking at a 2014 model anniversary model with ETune that looks like a 61 Reissue... btw beautiful guitar
  5. In the past I have had both I personally like the older models better but it is so hard to find a 61 Reissue in Black... the only models I have owned was a 06 standard and a 06 or 07 Reissue can’t remember... My question is one any better than the other? I figured better sounds from the 61 because it has a little more wood in the body....
  6. what is the average price used on a SG 61 Reissue in black? I am gonna try and trade a Mesa Triple Rectifier head for one? Is there a certain model I should look for? I had a heritage cherry a few years ago but the red color threw me off. I haven't had a Gibson guitar in a while and have missed having one.... I have also looked at the models with the tremolo and I kinda like the look.... are they bad about staying in tune??
  7. hello i know this has been asked a 1000 times but i need suggestions on the right pickup.. I have a 2013 LPJ with stock pickups. I play thru a Mesa Rectifier into a 412 Rectifier traditional slant cab... sometimes i use effects but not much the stock pickups dont seem to have enough clarity or bottom end. I dont want to spend a fortune trying different pickups.. I play mostly Hard rock and starting to do some nu metal.... also have notice nobody has the quick connect pickups anymore...
  8. I have thought about that as well but how to tell the general area?? The bracket can be moved forward towards the cut out or rearward towards the controls... wanted to know General location or measurements on a model with the bracket mounted..
  9. This model don’t have the binding...
  10. I have a 2013 LPJ and plan on installing a pick guard... I know how to drill a pilot hole and what not my question is where is the correct location of the hole for the bracket?? I would like for it to be in the same place as all Les Pauls are...
  11. no just a rub finish no pickguard...
  12. no 490 and 498t both with plastic covers..
  13. I have bought a 2013 model LPJ and was wandering if a standard Les Paul pick guard would fit on it?
  14. I have bought a 2013 model LPJ and was wandering if a standard Les Paul pick guard would fit on it?
  15. they do not offer the stock cover for the LPJ model
  16. that one on ebay is kinda damaged...
  17. where can i find a truss rod cover for a reasonable price ? i found one for 20 bucks on ebay was hoping to find one that sombody has taken off... I am looking for the one that has LPJ on it....
  18. On the right is a 06 SG Standard loaded with Dirty Fingers and jay dee wiring kit. on the left is my new to me 2013 SGJ. It is now loaded with Dirty fingers also this is just a older picture.
  19. I also have a Epiphone SG with the small pickguard and it seems to sound a bit darker in tone. both are loaded with Angus sig pickups. the crooked pickup dont bother me that much i might just try to bent the mounting tangs a little on the pickup. I have also noticed my Gibson SG does not have the neck dive while my Epiphone does.
  20. What about the long pickup screws. would i have to use longer screws to run thru the ring and pickguard to the pickups?
  21. To hold the pickup straight with the strings.
  22. Sorry for bringing up a old post. how do u mount the ring to the pickguard?
  23. My first bass was a Red SG copy short scale loved it.. for a while i thought it was a gibson even took it to a local dealer to find out he did have to look at it for a min. he said it didnt have any serial numbers was the give away. I wound up trading it for a black fender squire. and it was not a week when the guy had dropped something in the front and it put a big gash on the front.. wished i had never traded it.. I have not yet found another one like it. it had no name on the headstock but did have the crown in the middle and looked just like angus Youngs guitar. I loved it. and miss it...
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