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  1. from what I understand ,the Trad has a 50s neck profile as opposed to the CC's 60s profile---that's what did it for me, I have an antique natural I bought in late March, very happy with it overall
  2. here you go--my review plus pix on MLP: http://www.mylespaul.com/forums/my-other-guitars/204277-hngd-kramer-sm-1-a.html
  3. I have a couple of Blackstars, a HT20 and HT40--both amps sound exceptional when ripping through a Gibson Les Paul, go check 'em out!
  4. it's no coincidence these guitars are awesome---it may be a collector's item real soon!!
  5. My new SM-1 is of quality MIK, well-vuilt like a LTD--I'm pretty happy with it, it shreds!
  6. I got mine a couple of months ago ,an Antique Natural that I just love to death--best Gibson I've ever own, hands down!
  7. no problems on my CC's neck, it plays like buttah, LOL!!
  8. gerrygtr62

    New logo?

    I like the old logo of the K descending to the end of the headstock, or the other one without it, those logos kick ***, my SM1 has the sloping one
  9. gerrygtr62

    Kramer SM-1

    just got this from zZounds lat week--my impressions: *Well-made MIK quality--it compares favorably to my LTDS of the past [h300, MH400, EC1000] and Jacksons [uSA Soloist, MIJ Archtop Soloist, Charvel Model 6] *Neck is a little chunky---kinda reminds me of my Epi Elitist GT's neck profile---but nonetheless, fast! *Floyd Rose stays in-tune, has the new screw holders behind the headstock to hold the allen wrenches *Tone-wise, it's AWESOME!! I can easily dial in strat tones with the Duncans [Alternative 8 in the bridge and either Hot/Cool Rails in the neck and middle]--having this
  10. nice score, bro'--I'm GASSING for a white one [that is, if thery're out there, LOL!]
  11. it's unfortunate the only thing Elitist is the Casino---finding an Elite/Elitist nowadays is like the proverbial 'finding a needle in a haystack' LOL!
  12. a shocking, huge loss to the Rock/Blues Guitar Community--RIP, Gary!
  13. I feel exactly the same way--this is by far the best MIC Epi LP that rivals my babies Elitist '57 GT & Elite LP Custom--I'm GASSING for one really badly, LOL!!
  14. awesome Byrdland, welcome to the Elitist Club!!
  15. RED333: thx for your insight on your sweet collection, including the Elitists you have in there--back whe nthey first came out, I saw some in a couple of stores in Los Angleles/Orange County--heck, I remember specifically trying out an Elite LP Custom in Ebony at West LA Music in Santa Monica long ago, came away duly impressed.
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