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  1. The internet was a large factor in the move to MAP pricing. In the old days, brick and mortar stores would advertise "we will beat anyone's advertised price". A coustome would then come to the store with the ad for thier widget (in stock, same model) at a sale price and get the same price at their local store. With the increase in internet sales and on line only stores, everyone could have a sale at anytime on the same model. Manufactures started holding retailers to MAP to prevent high volume retailers from undercutting every one else. They can still sell at any price, but they can't advertise below MAP.
  2. guitar dog


    I've wanted one of these for about the last 50 years, I guess I've been waiting long enough. Just picked up this new Rickenbacker 330/12 Walnut. I'm still tweaking the setup and adjusting to the skinny neck (big difference from my Martin 12 string). So far, I am very pleased with it.
  3. Going to Knoxville Thursday to spend the weekend with my son, his wife, and my three year old grandson.
  4. Gov't Mule and ZZ Top in Fredericksburg,VA in September.
  5. Great album, Amazon just delivered it today. I don't recal ever seeing a 45 rpm LP.
  6. "I ain't often right, but I've never been wrong" Robert Hunter, Jerry Garcia
  7. Thanks. It's a great guitar, very smooth neck and low action. The finish is in very good condition, a few small scratches that add character. The pickups had a little corrosion it came right off. Tone and volume pots work good and the fifth control knob adds a lot of possibilities.The pick guard screws have rusted heads, but I have ordered replacements for less than $1 each. I have even found keys for the original hard case on eBay. She got a great deal on the guitar with no input from me, very successful surprise.
  8. My wife surprised me with a Fireglo 2001 Rickenbacker 330 for our anniversary. After 45 years, I guess she knows me pretty well. I have always wanted a Ric.
  9. I have the same one, got it a couple months ago. I pre-ordered when they were announced, took a while before they finally got them in. I am very happy with it. Most of my other acoustics are dreds with spruce or mahogany tops; the body shape is a nice change of pace, and the cedar top gives it a nice tone. I've been a Dead fan for years so I had to have it, and it sounds at home playing "Ripple" and "Friend of the Devil".
  10. Welcome back, Milod. Good to see that you are feeling better!
  11. Thanks for posting, I needed that on a Monday morning.
  12. #1 on my list of songs to be played at my funeral (if I ever die)! Yes, I have a list.
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