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  1. All the Les Pauls do come with pickguards. They are detachable and don't use screws. They are shown on one of the Gibson utube vids on the new 2015 lineup.
  2. I used to be friends with one of the top luthiers here in this city and he used to tell me he has put his kids through college from the money he has made over the years repairing Les Paul studios. He told me that Gibson uses it's cheapest Mahogany on the studio necks and thus the most repairs he ever did on Gibsons he said was always repairing the broken headstocks on the Les Paul studio's. He was serious and said to stay away from studio's or be real careful. This turned me off of studio's for many years. But I love the new 2014 studio as I know that maple neck isn't going to break. In fact on my birthday it fell over 3 times. Not a scratch on it but I am really certain had it been the traditional mahogany neck it would be broken or cracked. I know from all the Fender guitars I have owned that maple necks are near indestructible.
  3. Long and Mcquade also sell the blank truss rod covers. the regular ones only cost 12 dollars here but the historic ones cost more than 40 dollars.
  4. Long & Mcquade sell blank Gibson truss rod covers for Les Pauls. They cost 12 bucks. I have 2 of them. I had a Sig T Les paul but replaced it. After reading this thread glad I replaced it when I did.
  5. I have a 2014 les paul studio and I love it. I traded in a Sig T les paul for it and I love it. I hate the 498T pickup and love the 490R/T pickups the studio come with. And the 2014 comes with a rosewood fretboard. I prefer a maple neck as it is more unlikely to break the way the mahogany necks break. Here is my blue 2014 les paul studio.
  6. Yes I agree with you here and actually found the original poster rather insulting seeing how metal as boring as it is to some of us evolved from the likes of Zeppelin and Black Sabbath etc.
  7. Well I am 52 and Page is my favourite. I on the other hand can't stand Priest or Slayer but if people want to listen to them then fine go for it. But let us Zep fans listen to our music too. And metal would not have evolved if not for Zeppelin and Black Sabbath.
  8. Best description of EMG's I have ever seen.
  9. I second your sentiment totally. I was buying a Marshall last year. Tried a DSL 40 and DSL 15 both of which left me cold as they had to much buzzing. Then tried the SL5 which I thought was great. Had great reverb on it. But the day I was getting ready to take it home I decided to try a Vox AC15C1 which I have never tried before and I was blown away. This was the best most musical amp I had ever heard. It over drives great but in a nice way. The marshall in comparison overdrive was very harsh sounding in comparison. Anyways I cancelled the Marshall and got the Vox which is now my favourite amp period.
  10. Actually that sounds like a good idea. Will investigate that price of knobs when I take my new acoustic in for setup this week.
  11. I too got a 2014 studio in blue as I prefer the 490R/490t pickup set in it over the pickups in the studio pro. I also wanted as light a guitar as I could find. I just got my dealer to get me a used no name hard shell case that didn't say Gibson or anything else on it for 50 dollars.
  12. I broke my right elbow in January and could not even play guitar anymore. I sold off my telecaster and my Sig T and 2013 Les Paul Standard as they all seemed too heavy. I got 3 weeks ago a 2014 Les Paul Studio in Manhattan Midnight and I just love it. The coil taps work so well I don't even feel the need to have a Fender anymore. The standard and Sig T Les pauls where just too heavy as I have a very weak injured arm and the studio is much more manageable. Love the colour too. I have always liked the 490R/490T set and that was the final factor that made me get the 2014 studio over the studio pro as I have never been a fan of burstbuckers.
  13. I have owned several studio's over the years and the first thing I did was pull that abomination of a 498t pickup and toss it as far as I can throw it. The Fraser river is filled with unwanted 498t pickups. I just hate them. I love the 490t pickup as it matches the 490r pickup so well. And you can dirty up a low output pickup like the 490 but you can't clean up a 498T. It just sounds harsh. I love the new 2014 studio with the 490r/t pickup set.
  14. I bought a 2014 studio as I have always wanted a blue les paul and I love the look of the 2014 studio in blue. I really like the 490r/490t pickup set so that was a bonus. Wanted the 60's neck and wanted a light guitar. The thing I like least about this guitar is the amber plastic they put on it. But I can live with it. Here is my blue studio.
  15. I just brought home my new 2014 MM studio and I do think it is the best colour blue I have ever owned in a Gibson. Love the guitar too. Traded in my Sig T for it which I just could not bond with. I did take the black switch tip off the guitar and put on an amber one which matches the rest of the plastic. Here is a pic of it.
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