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  1. If you want good info on kramer - goto www.kramermaniaxe.com ----- the dude owns every kramer out there and has alot of good info
  2. My ex father in law owns a GIBBY hummingbird and his friend has a GIBBY dove...I played them both and for some reason the dove sounded more bass, more full than the hummingbird. maybe its me, I dont know. In either case, I would happily own either one if it were in my hands
  3. I think of my les paul in the neck position and heavily overdriven to the point where it has NO definition
  4. I read up on it and it sounded like a very interesting guitar. I entered the epi contest for it, but, as FATE has it out for me, I was not even close to winning it. BUT, it is a good looking guitar. It would look good hanging over my fireplace with my Hamer Steve Stevens
  5. Thats a hard question for me to answer-------I have modded all of my guitars and being a new owner of an epi LP standard plain top honeyburst, I yanked out the pickups and pots and replaced everything with Dimarzio and my other guitar player who owns a gibby LP custom and a studio finds no comparison between mine and his. In the words of the band TRIUMPH -- follow your heart
  6. I just LOVE my honeyburst epi which I modded....It has a DiMarzio Super D in the neck and a DiMarzio Super 3 in the bridge ( thanx to one of our brothern here in the epi forum ). The guitar is a monster now
  7. their version of crossroads
  8. If everything is wired correctly from what you can tell, double check your contacts ( solder ) on the pots and the back of teh pots.....even tho it 'looks' good, a bad contact, or not enough contact (ie a couple of wires not touching ) can affect your sound. Un-do your solder, twist the wires on each leg tight and re-solder. If that makes sense to you, let me know. Also, double check your ground wire. clean the back of the pot really good and make sure that it has good contact.........
  9. I agree - upgrade and mod the epi-----that way you have the best of both worlds
  10. From what I was told by my grandfather who worked back in the 1950's for Gibson, is that, when the men and women hand wound and set up the pickups, there were 2 boxes..One box had cream/white bobbins and the other had black. While rushing the job, people would just reach into a box without looking and put the pickups together. Noticing this, someone informed the factory manager who said that it did not matter because the pickups would have the metal covers on them and no one would know the difference.....until.......some guitar player ( famous but I dont recall the name--I think it was Duane Allman ) took his pickup covers off for the hell of it and noticed that the neck pickup was b/b and the bridge was b/c. He thought it looked kinda cool and different, so he left the guitar with exposed coils, thus the birth of the zebra.. Again, my grand dad told me that years before he died
  11. uuuummmmmm BEER ................................
  12. Yea willy, I agree with blue epi ----- your cavity is really organized and neat and clean....your mom would be proud ...... anyway, with the toggle switch and pots---one day really soon, Im gonna swap them. with the caps, the only ones I ever messed with , were the sprague orange drops....I put them in my ibby rg with dimarzio tone zone and norton and ballsy it was - i loved it . as mentioned before, I was considering GFS p'ups and at the same time, using their toggle switch and pots, but some guy on craigslist here in town ( murrieta,ca ) has a set of bill lawrence ( keystone k-400ms ) buckers that he wants to sell me. So, does anyone use bill lawrence and do they sound good in a LP? The only BL I know is the 500, 500c, and 500xl, which I hate . I take that back, I used the BL 250l and it was a good s/c bucker. Rob
  13. welcome to new member from another new member... Nice LP - I have a standard as well - mine is a honeyburst. I love it
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