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Ex pat Canadian, been downunder since 94. Played rhythm, bass and sang in several country dance bands 40 some odd years ago. Bought a 64 HB in 68 but it was never a great guitar with the adjustable bridge and dodgy nut someone had put on it.

A mate bought a J-45 about the same time and I always secretly reckoned it sounded better, of course I never told him that. A fellow up the road had an old J-45 that I knew sounded better. After 25 years I sold the bird for twice what I'd paid for it; the guy took it straight to a shop and had that bridge and nut ripped off, said it turned it into the best guitar he'd ever played.

Played a nylon string for years as I wasn't playing much. In 2008 bought a semi decent Chinese steel string and started singing a bit more which brings us to Christmas 2010. In spite of my stiffening fingers and hearing aid assisted ears I decided to treat myself.

Studied all the internet bargoons and utube comparisons. Some Australian music stores finally realized they had to compete and so I looked at a couple of D-28's and a SWD when we were in Hobart. The clerk said "have a go on that J-45, it'll talk to ya" and it did. When we got back to Brisbane, looked around a bit more but really knew. Shuffled on down to the Gibby dealer and I reckon even though I'm a bit like the guy in Bobby Bare's song a new antique natural hog J-45 makes me a winner. Damn' it sounds good!

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