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  1. Pictures?!!! Congrats on the guitar.
  2. I tried a set on my Strat once. Hated them. I think mainly because they were too heavy in gage. If I were to mess with them again, I would go with a set that was unwound on the 3rd string. They sounded OK as they reduced the string noise. But going to a heavy gage on the Strat is a pain because it has a floating tremolo and having to reset that and intonation is a pain. As always, try them and see what you think.
  3. @ISirius: yeah I thought a tube might be an issue. DOes anyone know if the "tap it with a pencil" test works? And what is it supposed to sound like? @JazzGtr: I learned real fast that the EQ for the new guitar is a lot different from my Strat. And the Strat has like 9 diffferent tone settings so even a decent setting for one combination can sound not so satisfying with another. Only thing to do is play some more until I find what I like :-)
  4. But the CS 356 is still no where to be found on the website. It's sort of the "Fight Club" of Gibson guitars.
  5. Just a thought: the Gibson literature I got with the guitar says to wrap guitar stand contact points in cotton. Why not wrap the guitar in an old sheet and then layer with foam.
  6. Hmm, new amp... Well the amp has a nasty little buzz that is annoying the tar out of me. Notes around the 9th fret and E and A strings I get this dang annoying buzz. It's not the speaker (sucker is new). Ugh. On the good news front I dialed in a nice tone on the guitar. Really like the sound I get out of it. Different from the old Strat. Played until my fingers were sore. Fun.
  7. Thanks CLayville, good advice. I don't mind tinkering. I'll give it a shot with the pickup. I was going to throw some graphite of the nut when I got the chance.
  8. Not sure I can convince the boss on a new amp. The amp is OK, just a lot of settings and really touchy on getting it just right. Or maybe I'm picky :-)
  9. So I got my 356 last month and figured I share my initial impressions. Because I'm sure everyone is dieing to hear ;-). First the easy stuff. I got it from Wildwood and the quality of the bugger is outstanding. The korina on the back looks real nice and the fit and finish is superb (and frankly for the money it had better be). The 3rd string catches on the nut a little but a little lube should take care of that. I like the scale length and absolutely love the fingerboard. It is fairly light, just under 7 pounds. I like the balance. My other guitar weighs 13 pounds so it is nice to hav
  10. I just bought my guitar from Wildwood. They were great to work with. If I had to buy a guitar sight unseen, they are the folks.
  11. My 356 is pretty comfortable sitting down. Balance seems fine. Weight is just under 7 #. My other guitar is a 13# Strat.
  12. BB King. Originally wanted to get a Lucille, then a 335. Finally started looking at 336/356 and liked the smaller size. Sure it doesn't sound like a 335, but it has some really neat tones and is suited to my style. And let's face there is only one BB.
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