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  1. The whole soundtrack to this game was amazing, but I liked this one in particular: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t7wJ8pE2qKU
  2. Separate Ways (Worlds Apart) - Journey
  3. I have ordered from Sweetwater before, but small items only. Their customer service is great -- they follow up after your order to make sure everything was alright. Also, I remember them sending candy in the box before (but not on the latest order -- but I don't like candy anyhow). Anyways, I recommend them.
  4. Haha! I wasn't trying to put down Gibson's Youtube channel -- if I wanted to do that, I'd have mentioned the Billie Joe interview about his signature LP Jr. But let's not go there ;)
  5. That Honeyburst is pretty sweet. At my local GC, they have a Sunburst and a Goldtop Traditional Pro. Now if only I had $4000 or so... LOL
  6. I think they look pretty nice. I don't think I'd get one, but still, they're cool looking. I agree, they'd look better with binding.
  7. Have you guys seen these videos? PRS' Youtube channel has been uploading a series of videos showing the processes of making their guitars. There's around 18 or so of these videos(!), starting from the wood they choose to use, the machines used to carve, installing the truss rod, frets, inlays, wiring electronics, all the way to the final casing of the guitar. They really make you appreciate the work that goes into a guitar. Here's a few examples: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eC3muvR8s-4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vda5O78JPvA I wish Gibson's Youtube channel did a series this in-depth. They do have a 7 minute video of the making of their guitars, though.
  8. It depends on the guitar. I have a few different ones -- Levy's, Get 'Em Get 'Em, Gibson, Fender -- they're pretty good. Most of mine are either 2" or 2 1/2". I have Schaller Strap Locks on most. I have a LM strap that feels kinda cheap (and it was).
  9. I tested out a Vox Night Train through a Marshall Haze cabinet and it sounded pretty good to me. I later tried the Vox Lil Night Train through it's matching cabinet and it sounded terrible. So I don't know if it's the cabinet that was the difference, or the different heads.
  10. Mine was a used 2007 Gibson Les Paul Studio with a custom paint job (flip flop/chameleon). It was a great guitar, but I traded it in for my Gibson Les Paul Classic Goldtop :P
  11. Wow, the finish is amazing on that LP! Great find and purchase there :)
  12. Very nice axe! Your story proves that paying a little extra for the Gibson over the Epiphone is worth it.
  13. I agree with most of the posts so far: get either the pickguard or the truss rod cover signed. Not the guitar itself.
  14. Very nice Thunderbird! I am considering getting the sunburst version, but your silverburst looks great!
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