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  1. I couldn't agree more! I have an ongoing infatuation with folk (and especially unplugged) music, and I was actually thinking about this the other day, and ended up feeling quite confused about the actual meaning of "acoustic". And also, I give to you, Kevin Devine: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IQxTiJ-TZwk Playing a proper beauty and all :)
  2. Great jam Karma, keep on rocking! Especially love that grungy, rich sound in the second video :)
  3. More great posts full of useful information! I'm really starting to appreciate this place To Dylanita, thanks both for digging up and transcribing the numbers, and for sharing your thoughts on the guitar. You really confirmed and elaborated much of what I've already heard about it. And I must say your guitar looks like an absolute peach! I did look at the Memphis Custom Shop's website and I couldn't find it listed anymore. Would you mind sharing how much it set you back, and also, is it correct to assume that this one that I found on Musician's Friend is the same one? As for Mojorule, I really appreciate your guidance in finding the "right" guitar, and I'll try to answer your questions, and we'll see if I'm not one step nearer in narrowing it all down to that one guitar! You asked if "my choice of an ES 330 determined by the fact that your playing style is essentially adapted to electric? Or by an aversion to fuller body depths?" It's actually a tough question to answer. On the surface I would say that my style, and the direction I want to go in as I further develop it, is the opposite of electric. I like to play indie and folk-inspired music, which is often based around chords and fingerpicking, and not so much typical electric aspects such as solos and all that. I guess the main reason why I'm drawn towards the 330 is because it's a thinline and hollow, thus somewhat combines two aspects that I'm looking for. I have a "cheap" Ibanez (by this forum's standards, I'd assume anyways!) acoustic in addition to my LP Studio, but often times I find myself practicing unplugged on the Studio instead because I feel more comfortable playing it, and I'd attribute much of that to the depth of it. It simply sits better with me, especially over longer periods. I usually play sitting down, and as I mentioned earlier, I'm a fairly short guy (5'8") so I'm fairly certain that the depth is what makes the difference. That said, my father's got a Gibson DSM-CE (you know, one of those Canadian made), and it's hands down the most beautiful-sounding guitar I've ever played. I've never plugged it in, but I might try that tomorrow as I'm visiting my parents this weekend. It's the closest thing to a J-45 I've ever played I suppose, and if it actually sounds good plugged as well, I guess that would make an acoustic like that a very viable option for me as well when I buy my first high-end. But still, I think the depth might make it uncomfortable in longer sessions. I think I lost the thread somewhere there, but if anyone can be bothered to read through that I hope I answered sufficiently!
  4. Thank you all! Some wonderful replies already, and most of my questions have indeed been answered. I guess I should start by clarifying what I meant when I said I wanted it for its acoustic abilities. I'm not intending to replace my acoustic flattop with it, and I hope to one day add a Gibson fully acoustic to my list of guitars. I do however like to practice unplugged, even currently with my LP Studio, and that's why I think the 330, as a true hollowbody, would fit me well. Unfortunately this purchase is still a way down the road for me, as I'm still a poor student, albeit on my last year. So I'm hoping to save up some money while working this summer, and maybe by the turn of the year or some time into '12 I'll be able to seriously start looking around for it! I may even part ways with Studio to speed up that process, but I've heard that you never sell your first Gibson, so we'll have to see about that. Some additional questions. I've seen the letter L tagged on the to specifications of it (i.e. 330TDL or something like that) in listings -- What does that indicate? A bigger version? I've also been looking at the "new" 339 -- How does that compare, especially unplugged? I'm guessing it doesn't, as from what I can tell it's built off the mould of the 335? What about weight and size? Part of the reason I'm drawn to the 330 is because it's both thinline and hollowbody, and lighter than for instance the 335, as Rayba mentioned How much does a Casino Studio (and the Elitist) go for these days? I'm thinking it might be a good "starting point" towards the 330, as I'm unlikely to get my hands on a 330 before I actually buy one. I'm in Norway, and I don't suspect there are many of them floating around here. The Wiki-article on the 330 mentioned that the post-69 with its longer neck is more prone to collapse under stress. Does anyone have any thoughts about that? And yes Versatile, you are correct. Pretty much the only mention of the 330 in the book I mentioned in the OP was a picture of BB King playing one!
  5. Nice shout! It was the first Les Paul for sure, but it wasn't really a Gibson. Well partly, the neck was. But the pickups were home-made and the detachable parts of the hollowbody on it were from an Epiphone. It's housed in the Country Music Hall of Fame these days, I believe.
  6. Well none of those Townshend LPs are the first, that's for sure. The first was a goldtop with a trapezoid tailpiece. The Gibson Electric Guitar Book says this about the subject: That seems to indicate that Les Paul walked away with the "first" Les Paul (which would be the prototype). What happened to it after that, I've seen no mention of, nor do I know who has the first shipped Les Paul. By all accounts, it should be a goldtop with the trapezoid tailpiece however.
  7. Hello everybody! I'm new to the forum, as a participating member anyways, and I signed up hoping to get some more information on the guitar specified in the title, the ES-330. I just finished reading The Gibson Electric Guitar Book (Walter Carter), but it didn't have much information on it. I've Googled around as well, but other than the mandatory Wikipedia-page it's somewhat difficult to get a good overview of the guitar. Plus I'm looking for personal opinions as well, so I thought this would be as good a place as any to ask! I'm very much a hobby-player, and I don't aspire to ever advance from that stage. I play music to express and relax myself, and for me the guitar is the obvious choice. My fascination with the ES-330 started a few years back when I realized that was (one of) the guitar(s) Elliott Smith (if you don't know him, look him up!) used to play. And as I said, I've been loooking more closely at it lately, and I've more or less come to the decision that this is the guitar for me. I usually play unplugged, but I like the option of plugging it in. I rarely play very loudly, so the drawbacks of the hollowbody shouldn't be a bother for me either. From what I've read and heard, it sounds brilliant acousticly. If anyone who actually have it would like to give me input on that I'd appreciate it! More information about the model would also be appreciated. - How many were made? - Have there been any reissues? - What are the different model designations and what do they indicate? (I'm only aware of T and D, thinline and two pickups) - What does this guitar normally go for these days? - Are there any other guitars that compare to the 330 for the usage I specified above? For instance the Epi Casino, old and / or new? - How's the more known 335 compared to the 330 acoustic? I think I'll stop there, and I'll just add on any further other questions I might have at a later point! EDIT: One more thing! (whoa, Steve Jobs where did you come from?) The neck length -- I know that at one point they made the neck longer. How do the ones with the longer neck compare to the originals? I'm a relatively short guy, and subsequently I have "short" arms, and I rarely play on the highest frets, so I'm assuming the "shorter" neck would be just fine for me.
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