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  1. Thank you all for the feedback...... The new BC30 that I received arrived in 95% condition...nice. The drive channel 2 is "killer" with my lespaul in independent mode. To get output with a strat the interactive mode seems to crank it up good. I did notice that there is a "big" difference" in volume between channel 1 and channel 2. The tone on channel 1 seems less bright than channel 2. For my taste I use channel 2 backing off the highs. treble 8/9 oclock mids 9/10 oclock and bass 2/3 oclock. I run the master between 3 oclock and full with the pre-gain set at 11/12 oclock. The
  2. I did not get any feed back so I figured that I would do the swap myself. What I found out was that the celestion gold was not a good mix with the lady luck. I seems that the lady luck speaker is warmer in the upper mids and works better than the celestion gold with the BC30, which is a bright amp to begin with. When the lady luck is mixed with the celestion gold the speakers do not complement each other. The lady luck is lost in the mix due to being less efficient and the celestion gold looses it's low end and the overall sound is thinner / peaky. Conclusion: Lady Luck Speakers are the
  3. Has anyone tried the celestion gold and lady luck speakers together.......with the BC 30 ?
  4. Just received my BC 30. This time it was packed like a tank and in great shape. Sounds awesome, especially the drive channel. Everything is quiet and the tone is great and I get that sweet rectifier sag/crunch when pushed. The normal channel seems to be a little low on gain. Prob just needs a good 12ax7 to bring it up a bit. Can any one tell me which preamp tube I should be looking at. I was thinking of mixing one celestion gold with the lady lucks. But....the lady luck speakers sound great ! Farinaex
  5. The amp and guitar sound hot....right on the money good job on the whole thing.... gene / farinaex
  6. Thanks....for the input. Unfortunately I had to say goodbye to the BC30. UPS took it back. It seems that UPSdelivered the amp to me not in the best of shape. The top was split from front to back. The seller had the pkg insured. too bad...but it would have cost a bunch to fix it and perhaps the circuit board could have had some damage. Guess I will start looking all over again Gene
  7. I recently acquired a BC 30 and noticed that when the reverb is set past 9 o'clock an auible howl starts to gradually build up. Below 9 o'clock where I would set the control it's fine. Any Ideas. Number 3 12ax7 seems to be quiet and not microphonic. When switched to The class A mode a low frequency hum (60 to 100hz) is heard. The hum does not increase or decrease with amp or guitar volume. Although, it is not noticible when playing. Final question : Is the fan supposed to be on at all times. Other than the above the amp sounds great with my lespaul. I would definitely appreciate
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