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  1. I did play one and it is similar to both my Les Paul Tribute and 335. More like a 50s neck. Not quite like a 58 . More like a 59ish. I ended up with the 61 standard. I have smaller hands with sausage fingers and really got along with the slim taper necks as long as they aren’t pencil thin.
  2. Sorry I havent read the whole thing ,but I just picked up a 2019 LP Tribute . I actually just bought it yesterday. Ive been through some LPs and 6 month ago let go of my Classic because it weighed almost 12 lbs and aggravated my pinched nerve in my neck. Ive been using my 335 as my lightweight Gibson option , but sometimes miss the LP body shape. Im not usually one to buy budget guitars , but this one caught my attention with the weight being less than 7 3/4 lbs. Also , yes it has Trapezoids . The thing came set up out of the box great without the nut binding that I have become accustomed to with many Gibsons I have owned. Fretwork was great and the build quality is great without any flaws. Love the pickups and the maple neck isnt an issue for me at all . I really like the feel of this . Loved the Rounded C neck as well. Much better feeling guitar than the Faded LP IMO.
  3. Shielding the covers and pick guard did not help me. It wasn’t until I shielded the cavities as well did the static problem go away. Now it is dead silent.
  4. Sorry to bring up an old thread, but I had this same problem with ny 2017 Les Paul Classic . I tried everything here listed, dryer sheets, cleaned it with naphtha, waxed it and even ordered all parts cover plates which were recommended by someone else. None of that worked. I finally ordered some shielding tape. Started by shielding the cover plates. Nope ...it didnt help. Finally shielded the control and switch cavities and guess what? Worked like a charm. No static whatsoever. This problem was not a humidity issue as the humidity has been no lower than 45 percent at any time. Apparently Gibson is aware of the problem , but dont offer a solution at this point. I was on the verge of selling that guitar I was so frustrated, but glad I took the time to try everything because its the best Les Paul I have ever owned.
  5. I have 2 acoustics so I keep my guitar room humidified or dehumidified to around 45 percent. I noticed all my electrics are more stable and stay in tune alot better.
  6. I just bought a new 335 plain gloss and the factory setup was not the greatest.It was too high and the bridge was screwed as high as it could go .Once it was properly set up it was a different guitar.
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