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  1. Shielding the covers and pick guard did not help me. It wasn’t until I shielded the cavities as well did the static problem go away. Now it is dead silent.
  2. Sorry to bring up an old thread, but I had this same problem with ny 2017 Les Paul Classic . I tried everything here listed, dryer sheets, cleaned it with naphtha, waxed it and even ordered all parts cover plates which were recommended by someone else. None of that worked. I finally ordered some shielding tape. Started by shielding the cover plates. Nope ...it didnt help. Finally shielded the control and switch cavities and guess what? Worked like a charm. No static whatsoever. This problem was not a humidity issue as the humidity has been no lower than 45 percent at any time. Apparently Gibson is aware of the problem , but dont offer a solution at this point. I was on the verge of selling that guitar I was so frustrated, but glad I took the time to try everything because its the best Les Paul I have ever owned.
  3. I have a 2012 and it is a really solid guitar. No worries , just look the guitar over and play it. Es 335s are the best that Gibson offers.
  4. I have 2 335s and have had several Gibsons. My experience has been the nut is the problem. Gibson cuts the nut slots too narrow imo. The options are 1- replace the nut, 2- have the nut slots widened ever so slightly or use nutsauce or an equivalent and tough it out until the slots get worn enough. I would just widen the slots personally. The nut slots are the achilles heel of Gibsons . Thats why they are going the route of autotune and a brass nut.
  5. I have a 14 and I love the specs of the 2015 better IMO.The neck dimentions should make it more stable and everyone loves the BB 1 and 2. Blocks are very nice too. I would love to try the wine red with the 390 neck myself.
  6. Thankfully yes. Interesting changes. I dont think they will make people freak out too bad. I like the BB 1 and 2 . Meh about block inlays. Bone nut was a good upgrade.
  7. I always haggle with them and have gotten good deals. I bought a 2012 335 cherry figured in Feb 13 for 1900. I purchased a 2nd one this year , a 14 model that had been in the store for 5 months (a VS Figured ) for 2100. I would definetly try to get a discount.
  8. I have 2 335s and I set them up just a touch higher than my LP . My LP can go to 2-3/64ths no problem, but if I try to get the 335s than low I have buzzing on the frets past the 12th fret.
  9. The fine print on those coupons dont really mean anything. I can get the 15 percent off on just about any given day. I dont really see the Epis competing with Gibsons IMO. Totally different price point. Apple and oranges really. Most people who buy Epis buy them and mod them . Its a great platform for that. But not everyone is looking for a "budget " guitar or a "best bang for the buck" kind of guitar. I dont see the 335 as overpriced as you say.You look at the Nashville made 335s and you might have an argument. Like I said , I bought both of my 335s for around 2k new . Deals are there if you look.
  10. I dont know of anyone who paid 3699 for a Gibson 335. I have bought 2 , a 2012 figured cherry and a Vintage sunburst figured. I paid 1900 and 2100 respectively. Since the Epi doesnt come with a case you really should add 100. Right now GCs here are selling the figured 335s at 2599. Get the 15 percent discount and its yours for 2200. Not really 6x , but more like 3.5 times more. Not really overpriced as it seems.
  11. What 5.5x looks, feels and sounds like is really up to each person to be the judge. I have had an Epi Dot (several actually) and though they are ok guitars for the money , the Gibson was so much worth the extra money IMO. And you dont need to pay full price. Look around they are deals to be had and there is used as well. JMO.
  12. I think the EQ pedal will be a good solution. You still may have to tweak your amp ever so slightly , but you may not. Let us know how it works out.
  13. I know this is a silly question, but have you tried rolling off the tone knobs a bit?
  14. I have never had a problem with sharp frets with any of my guitars without binding. That would be a boatload of strats , 5 acoustics, a Gibson LP Studio that I had , etc. I do much prefer nibs if they are done right, but I have seen some real hack jobs and I mean from the factory.
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