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  1. It looks like the head from an Artisan, but the neck isn't. The Artisan neck also had flower type patterns where the dots are on the one you're looking at. The inlay work on the head is similar, but from what I can see...and looking at an Artisan right now...there are some differences. In my opinion it is not an Artisan head or neck. I still say it looks like a cheap knock off...I'd be VERY careful about spending money on this guitar.
  2. I just went through my Vintage Price Guide and the Chet Atkins models don't look like that. They all have the Humbucker pickups. Those in the picture look like they're supposed to be Gretsch Filtertrons but they still don't look right. None of the other embellishments look right either like the binding, neck, inlay on the head. To me it screams "cheap knockoff". I could be wrong, but send an email as Guitar slinger stated, they'll set you straight. If they don't have an answer check out George Gruhn Guitars.
  3. Actually the designers' name is Wayne Charvel (not Charvel Jackson). And the WRC wasn't the only guitar that he designed. He also designed the Gibson SR-71. There also may have been others that I haven't found yet.
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