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  1. Jimi Hendrix\:D/ But seriously, I'd say Elliot Easton,Billy Duffy, and Brian Setzer
  2. That is a great looking guitar.I've heard a lot of good things about Rondo and was thinking about a SX Furrian Tele copy they make for about a hundred bucks,with gig bag:-s .I was amazed at the huge line of guitars they have and the options seem endless with finishes:blink:.............Nice burst you got there.
  3. I had got used to playing big hollowbody guitars both ways,but sitting and playing was about as easy and comfortable as it gets.I came to find I could play,eat,sleep,and play some more without ever taking it off.Literally had it strapped on all the time when I was not working,in the shower,or the girlfriend over.I don't have those anymore,pretty much just my LP and a Tele and since my LP tips the scales at around 14 pounds it gets much more time on the stand than I'd like,but playing it sitting down took some getting used to.
  4. Thank's,that was very interesting.I had not heard much about that LP and it's very rich history.
  5. Has anyone here ever had or heard of some painted Studios actually having a binded body hidden under the paint?The way I understand it is that sometime around1990 Gibson had actually used Standard bodies on a few Studios.I do not know why or if this has any truth to it,but I do know that some odd things can and do have to be done at certain times for the sake of production.
  6. That was a great thing you did for that beautiful guitar.I am hoping to rescue a neglected cherry sunburst hanging high on the wall from my nearest GC soon.
  7. You did good.I tried something similar many years ago on a old and very dark Studio.I was happy with the results,even switching the pickguard from black to creme.Looks like your guitar could get nasty and mean when plugged in.:angry:
  8. I agree with you.In the past I've took chances buying some guitars online without playing them and at the time I thought I got lucky in getting good ones and for the most part I did,but being a better player now,I wonder if I would have thought them special enough if you know what I mean.I want to spend as much quality time playing as possible nowadays before buying a guitar,specially if it's a Les Paul. Funny/SAD thing is before the very professional looking salesman got the guitar and handed it to me I was already a few seconds into noticing the brown bumpy strings:unsure: .It was so obvious,but no one wanted to talk about "the elephant" in the room or even act like it was there.All GC reps were suddenly very busy somewhere else,so I just held it for about fifteen minutes and gave it back to the first GC guy I saw.I will get it playable if I decide to make a offer,but a new LP may have to be postponed a little bit.
  9. Both are beautiful guitars.I love that ebony .
  10. I have bought from this particular store before with no real problems and would like to be the one who gets that poor neglected Trad Pro when it does go.If my suspicions are correct this specific cherry sunburst LP has been in this store for about two years and other than the super high action and brown rusty strings she's seems to be good.That store is not located in a high end market,but it could still easily sell what high end guitars they do have,but of course it would help if they were playable.
  11. But because of the amount of rust that had built up on the strings I was not gonna risk getting cut and having to get a tetanus shot[glare].Even if the strings were playable the action was so high it was impossible to play anyway.A couple of the Studio Tribute models were in need of a set up also,but not nearly as bad as the Trad Pro.I also noticed that the high dollar acoustic Gibson/Martin guitars were in terrible shape with very high action.I can see why the acoustics were out of whack since the second smaller room that has the big money guitars was strangely very hot and humid feeling.It was dissapointing since the store is more than fifty miles away.
  12. Some really good looking guitars.Do certain Studios come with ebony boards anymore?Has baked maple found it's way on Studios yet?
  13. Thank you very much,that means a lot.I'm not sure how exactly accurate the solo is.
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