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  1. Tragic news..... words fail me. He actually gave me some good advice (financial rather than musical) and I recall thinking what an even keel he sailed on. It is a strange, strange world. Thank you for he heads up, JohnT.
  2. Are you saying Nate should not post his stuff, or are you saying we should all tell him it is not very good? And where does it say you fabricated stuff? And where did anyone lavish praise on Nate? But..... seems YOU are the "qualified" one - so YOU lay in to Nate and tell him he ain't very good, but clear your PM's first to make way for incoming.....
  3. Nate can defend himself pretty well when he chooses to.....
  4. Lived a long whiles about ten minutes walk from the Rainbow aka Astoria.....
  5. We are joking, Nate - of course he doesn't care.....
  6. I am in one of the boxes - and what a concert that was too.....
  7. Reckon you nailed it - Kay for sure after that video of Lonnie..... .....excellent - more pictures would be just peachy.
  8. Hey - at least Nate has the cojones to post himself playing, clams and all.....
  9. Some kind of lap steel or similar..... that yellow criss-cross looks familiar, and those huge letters on the knobs..... Two-pup, old VOX or Selmer, Hofner. Beats me, but horribly familiar.
  10. Slash can have your balls for earings for divulging his secret.....
  11. A guitar wiring harness. Quite a good one.
  12. These "cassettes" and these "floppies" of which you speak..... This must be new super-technology passed on to you by aliens ? I sense a disturbance in the force - Apple iPlops are under threat from this revelation !!!
  13. Dammit Nate - I TOLDZ you - Sluishtone is a SECRET. Don't give it away on a public forum.....
  14. Page joined The Yardbirds in '66 on bass after Paul Samwell-Smith left. Pretty soon he switched from bass to second lead with Jeff Beck. When Jeff left the group (October '66) "The Yardbirds" were falling apart. Page wanted to form a supergroup - himself and Jeff Beck on guitars, with Keith Moon and John Entwistle. For singers they looked at the likes of Steve's Winwood and Marriott, but the group didn't happen, though Page, Beck and Moon did record "Beck's Bolero" in '66, along with John Paul Jones, who expressed an interest in taking it further. "The Yardbirds" last gig was July '68, but
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