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  1. Reckon you nailed it - Kay for sure after that video of Lonnie..... .....excellent - more pictures would be just peachy.
  2. Some kind of lap steel or similar..... that yellow criss-cross looks familiar, and those huge letters on the knobs..... Two-pup, old VOX or Selmer, Hofner. Beats me, but horribly familiar.
  3. A guitar wiring harness. Quite a good one.
  4. Are you the "G u e s t" from way back when?

  5. . . pippy - you show excellent and eclectic tastes. 4'33" by the Cale is not something I ever expected to see mentioned on here..... .....takes me back to my days at the Cockpit Theatre, Gateforth Street. Man - we put on some weird and crazy concerts back then.
  6. . That's probably a guitar that a dealer picked up at a Gibson event or a Trade Show, or it might have been given to a potiential dealer as a demo. Quite possibly it was a second given to an artist for touring, or a promotional item given to a radio station for a contest - often a way to use perfectly good but less than perfect stock. If the vendor doesn't know, email Gibson - they will for sure !
  7. Johnt said: 'I recall lending my son my J45 "to lay down some acoustic tracks" with his band and it came back with two dings and belt marks.' Maybe so - and it probably had finger-grease on the strings and vibration-stressing of the wood-fibre too not to mention undue fret-wear, it's a guitar, your son is a fine player. I'm guessing he didn't leave it in the case and only get it out on high days and holidays..... ^only joking BTW, I am looking forward to your 24th birthday! Any more cracks about Fenders and I will bring all four of mine up and el-cabong you with them. Wow - the power of those five little words: ^only joking BTW, heh heh heh heh
  8. Hex truss rod wrenches: For 5/16" (Gibson), 9/32" and 1/4" hex nuts. Allen truss rod wrenches: For 1/8", 4mm and 5mm Allen nuts. Soundhole truss rod wrenches: Right-angle tools for easily adjusting an acoustic guitar neck through the soundhole. 1/8" wrench reaches 5-1/2" (13.97cm) inside the guitar. 5mm wrench has 2" (5.08cm) reach, and works for Martin guitars made before August 2007 that have a soundhole-accessible truss rod. Truss rod wrench for Fender: The 3/8"-wide (9.52mm) flat blade has the right taper and size to adjust a traditional Fender truss rod efficiently, without marring the nut. Gripper truss rod wrench: This special tool lets you adjust a worn 1/8" Allen nut. 3/8" (9.52mm) taper from .121" to .135" (3.07mm to 3.43mm), giving you a snug fit to turn the nut and avoid a costly replacement job. Pocket truss rod wrenches: Compact tools with a 1-1/8" (28.58mm) "bullet" socket that fits into a recessed truss rod access cavity. For 5/16" (Gibson), 9/32" and 1/4" hex nuts.
  9. TUSQ is another name for plastic - dense, but plastic just the same. Snake-Oil is another name for [-----------fill in as apropriate-----------] Oh - and nice picture, by the way.
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