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  1. Thanks for the help Stein, I think you are right. I should shop for a Les Paul I like instead of trying to save money by trading a guitar that I really like. I will hold on to my SG.
  2. Hi folks, I need some expert opinion here. I received an offer to trade my 1974 Gibson SG which is 100% original and in very good condition for a '92 Les Paul Standard in Wine red color. I am looking for a Les Paul and I really do love my SG so this is a very hard decision. What would you do ? Would you keep the SG or trade it for the Les Paul ? thanks
  3. Thank you for the great help guys.
  4. I cannot find it in any of 70-72 catalogs ? http://everythingsg.com/index.php/1972g.html If you look at the pots and the pickguard; these are '74 but the serial number does not seem to match ?
  5. Hello, I just bought what I was told is a 1974 Gibson SG that is supposedly the color "butterscotch". I looked at the Gibson dating page and am still unable to know if this is really a '74. The serial number is 129792. Here is a picture. Could someone please tell me model and year ? Thank you
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