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  1. Congrats on your AL. Please post some pics!
  2. Thank you for the scan, gentlemen. I need this in ebony with abalone inlays.
  3. I think I read elsewhere that the body is full thickness, not slimmer like the Axcess. I agree on the inlays and top. Not sure where they chose RED as a finish option.
  4. http://www.musicradar.com/news/guitars/alex-lifeson-interview-rush-guitarist-on-steampunk-solos-and-moving-pictures-274543 Hey Mean, Pretty interesting interview. Enjoy. I've been looking for a Les Paul for a while now. Almost picked up a used Axcess last year, but I was very undecided if I should get a Custom or Historic instead. Glad I did not pull the trigger. Hopefully we'll hear something on this Lifeson model soon. This might have to be be a birthday, Christmas, Valantines Day, Father's Day and Ground Hogs day gift to myself. Superdick2112...Happy to hear you are lovi
  5. Excerpt of an interview with Alex Lifeson. Regarding the Les Pauls, have you made any new modifications to them? "I haven't done anything since I got those guitars, but I've been working with Gibson on putting together a Les Paul Axcess model, which would be an Alex Lifeson signature guitar. It'll have the Floyd Rose, the piezo pickup in the bridge and single-coil taps in the volume pots. Basically, we've taken everything you could want in a guitar and we're putting it into a really true utility instrument in a fantastic platform." Can we get any input from a Gibson mod?
  6. Any word on availability for the custom model? Great looking guitar Vespe. Congrats!!!
  7. Hey Koichi, Awesome job with the band!!! Congrats on picking up another AL 355. Keep rocking!!! P.S. if you know of anybody looking to sell a Signature Co. guitar....let me know, I have been looking to buy one for a while. Good luck and best regards, ron2112
  8. I agree, it would be rather wise to aquire a "back up" for this beauty!!!
  9. Hello friends, Thrilled, proud new owner of AL 265!!! After spending way too much time thinking about it, I finally pulled the trigger and ordered one last week. It delivered to my office yesterday and I could not be more excited to get home and play. It certainly is a stunning piece. I am still very surprised, actually shocked, that I was able to get one "so late in the game." I initially intended to pre-order one, but never did. With Rush having such a large (loyal) following and limited number of guitars, I feel very, very lucky to own one brand new without having to try and find one se
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