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  1. Update, I had to grab a few things for the new axe yesterday at long and Macquade up here in the great white north and ran into my regular sales guy and let him know i picked up one of these bad boys at their other location in town and posted the question about the "traditional" truss rod cover since he mentioned that he had sold another one several months earlier. He informed me that the one he sold also had a traditional TRC and that he figured it might be to differentiate between the lot sent to canadian distributers and those kept in the states, sounds logical....
  2. Also It would have to be Standard Plus based on the model number right (from what i've read it seems there are a few differences with this limited run model though ie. no pcb board).... Which I just noticed... durrrrr... doesn't explain the truss rod cover though....
  3. the neck is definitley thicker than a modern standard, i'm thinking they did a limited run for the dealer and mixed and matched, all the hardware seems the same as brimstone bursts i've seem (grover tuners .... etc) I can't really see why else this would be unique in that the truss cover doesnt jive...
  4. Howdy, Just bought a new Les Paul Limited Run '09 Brimstone Burst (SN#005690635 - Model No. LPSTD+BRGHI) and am puzzled as to why the truss rod cover reads "Traditional" and not "standard"? All the documentation with the guitar say its a standard, all images and articles I have found show the same guitar with a standard truss rod cover. I purchased it from a authorized dealer brand new and they couldnt really tell me why, just wondering if anyone had any idea why my axe is having an identity crisis! Cheers,
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