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  1. Yep got mine there too.
  2. lol nice avatar Thunder! Yeah I've been so busy lately between beta testing Guitar rig 3, work, jogging, and playing cod4 competitions i haven't had much time for much else. I picked up this monster guitar just before Christmas and have been trying to figure out the best gauge strings and tuning for this bad boy. I am plying straight into my xfi elite pro breakout box into my comp using Sonar 7 to record and Guitar Rig 3 for amp modeling. In this piece I tuned it down to C G C G C G C E. I am now tuning her even lower to A E A E A E A E!
  3. Yep it's a ESP SC-608B 8 string tuned way way down to drop C and i play Call of Duty on PC not console. look Us up we are Blam clan.
  4. Nice man very nice! Thinking about getting another strat.
  5. When I'm not playing my Les Paul I play this.
  6. Nice guitar dude. welcome to the forum!
  7. Hey welcome to the forum. Learning songs you like is a good way to get your feet wet and if you are enjoying yourself and it's getting you to practice then i say your are on the right track. Keep it up man.
  8. Merry Christmas ppl. I know I haven't been on a lot been busy at work but I would like to wish you all the best. P.S. how did the tour go Thunder?
  9. Hey nice stuff man very talented. Robots rule.
  10. Every month I get an email from Gibson with a new contest to win a Les Paul or something. The problem is they won't accept my entries because I live in Canada. however they accept from all these other countries! "Eligibility: This contest is open only to legal residents of the United States, except for residents of Arizona, and open to legal residents of the United Kingdom, Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands and Portugal." Whus-up-wi-dat?
  11. elvendio

    1st Les Paul

    Congrats on the guitar and the girl! You're One lucky dude.
  12. So it's a digital Les Paul Robot Guitar but does it have separate pickups for each string. Me thinks me likes.
  13. Right now I'm playing with a drop C. C G C G C G C E. I have tried a few tunings and the possibilities seem endless. I'm having a lot of fun. Will keep you posted.
  14. You bet! 8 string metal monster. Thanx man.
  15. I haven't been on much lately with my Gibson Les Paul robot guitar because I have been suffering with G.A.S. I have been dreaming of this guitar day and night for 2 months now while she's no Gibson LP she certainly is a monstrous beauty.
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