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  1. I have been playing for 25 years and the 57 Classic - Classic plus combination has always been one of my favorite combinations for mainly classic rock and blues. I have owned 4 guitars to date and still own 2 that have these pups in them that have all been great. I recently bought a 2017 Gibson Classic guitar that had to go back because the neck was mucked up but while I had it I noticed that the neck pup was warm and wonderful like I was used to but the bridge was thin with a quite noticeable volume drop compared to the neck and compared to my other guitars. Since that guitar was returned for the neck problem that solved the pup problem too. I instead ordered an Epiphone Tribute Plus that has Gibson 57 Classic/Classic Plus pups and the guitar is wonderful, highly recommended, except . . . it has the exact same problem with those 57 Classic pups. I took a DC measurement and these Classic Plus pups are less than 8K like they are just Classics. My other 2 guitars are 8.6K and 8.8K. Sweetwater and Gibson claim these new ones are "in spec" so nothing they can do even though with the neck pup adjusted clear down even with its surround and the bridge pup up within 1/8 of the strings, if you put the neck volume on 8 with the bridge on 10 they are equal in volume. I'm sorry, that is NOT right. Granted the Epi may well have cheap pots and caps but it sounds just like the Gibson Classic did. The one difference between these and my others? These are 4 wire pups. Previously they were all 2 wire. Important Part: So, I disconnected the green/white wires from the circuitry and tied them together leaving them out of circuit creating a 2 wire connection and . . . no change at all. Now, I know plenty of other pups I can slap in there to make a guitar I am happy with but I "should" be happy with the Classic Plus in there. Anyone else noticed this?
  2. Actually, my Lupus is so bad I don't think I could play a double-decker axe any more if I wanted to. That said, lord willin', I want to try one last Carvin Synth model. I've had a Boss GT10 for a while just cuz the price was right. I would only use like 10% of it but that 10% alone would be pretty cool. Plus, Carvins just fit me perfectly . . . this would make my 5th. Tragically traded my DC400 years ago to a friend for an amp who managed to get it stolen but I still have my original 200T, all KOA CS6, and all Walnut TL60 [weighs nearly 11 lbs.] But plays and sounds amazing! So would this Gruhn outfit get me a market price for the matching set or would they just value the individual guitars?
  3. Thanks a bunch. I actually had that info [though the other way around on value] if I was just trying to sell them individually. The 355 was $3700 new and the Axcess $5500 so the used values I got were $3300 for the 355 and $4700 for the LPXS. But, I was trying to gauge a value of the matching set pair? Maybe that's impossible . . .??
  4. I did find the COA pics for anyone that thinks this might be some kind of scam?
  5. Wow, such kind words from someone I only know through this forum means so much. Thank you! But, again, though I rarely get out of bed, I am not [yet] on my "death bed" here. Just really would like to get these Lifesons to a good home before I do get to that point and hopefully maximize their value for purely charitable purposes. In other words, I want to be clear that, if I do go ahead and order one last custom Carvin, I already have the money for that. I would love to be able to say these Lifesons generated [like] $10K for Lupus.org or SU2C or even the College of Engineering at my Alma Mater. Haven't decided on that yet. I just know, if I wait too long, it will no doubt just fall to my nephew to just sell them to whoever for whatever he can get when I am gone and that would be a shame! And, someone scoring both signature Lifesons, same S/N, could be very worthwhile to the eventual owner/collector. The only pics I have as of today . . . obviously, that will change if/when this moves to the next level.
  6. Hello all, Sorry for the absence but I am sick, getting sicker, so just not on the forums like I used to. I've had an amazing life even if I die tomorrow so I don't want to turn this thread into a pity party for me. I'm not giving up on life yet and even want to perhaps get one last custom Carvin guitar made if I can decide which one? Since I started going downhill, I have already sold a couple of my wonderful guitars and I am now trying to find a good home for my Lifesons. I happen to have both Alex's white ES-355 and his wine red LP Axcess that are the same serial number, AL230. Though I am a fan of Rush, I originally got his 355 just because [at the time] I could buy it [like] $800 cheaper than I could get the regular 355 for. Later, when I wanted to get a tremolo LP Axcess, I logged onto GC.com and there was a wine red Lifeson, AL230. The guitar gods were smiling that day. I want to try and sell them as a matched set to the right collector and donate the proceeds to charity when I am gone. Unfortunately, everyone I talk to that do consignment sales like Wildwood just want to sell them as quickly as possible to whomever will buy them, etc. Don't want to hassle with the matched set thing. They are in impeccable condition, all the appropriate documentation, scuff free signature cases, COAs, etc. A couple of local shops said they could easily bring over $10K as a set to the right collector though neither shop do consignment sales either. I don't do Ebay, nor will I, and my health is bad enough that doing this myself is going to be impossible. If it is purely a matter of getting whatever to whomever, I have a nephew that can do that when I am gone. Just looking for ideas folks on potential value and a way to sell them? thanks a bunch, CM
  7. Very enjoyable. Was so cool that in an interview about their first album, Dreamboat Annie, Ann and Nancy Wilson said originally they got into music in hopes of just getting in to see Zeppelin . . . a group that obviously led [Led?] to heavily inspire much of their work and seeing John, Robert, and Jimmy tearing up in the process. I even teared up a bit, I'm not ashamed to say. SO incredibly fitting that they got to conclude the Kennedy Honors honoring their heroes. Now if we can just get Ann and Nancy up there some day.
  8. Kansas was a waste of time? Geez, tough crowd. Though a decent enough song for top 40, Dust in the Wind wasn't remotely their best work because, like Rush and other marginalized bands, their best work wasn't "singles" material. My first concert was Edgar Winter Group and Electric Light Orchestra in Junior High. And speaking of "Junior High", what's that funny smell ?
  9. I bet your neighbors love you . . . Joke 'em if they can't take a Fuch. Or a Marshall Stack or two. Seriously, I like the little Marshall tyke as well. Also love the little Carvin mentioned earlier as well as the new mini-Vai L3. Just haven't heard one yet to make me have to punt either of my Egnaters.
  10. That's the same thing with my Carvins. I mean, they get close to les paul sound and close to fender sound with the coils split plus the active electronics, but they are a Carvin. Combine the uniqueness of the woods I choose, with how great they look, how well they are made, how great they play, and how universal they are, and it's why I am a fan. PRS is no different. Like I said, it's just my retarded long skinny hands that can't get comfortable on those PRS necks otherwise I know I'd own one or two. Can't remember for sure cuz it's been awhile but it's like they are too wide for their depth on my hands to be comfy.
  11. Thanks all . . . been too busy playing and forgot I even posted this. Sorry! I don't do recording though my 7D Canon does HD video but the audio quality probably won't be that great. My Egnaters have line out for direct input to a computer but I'd have to get and figure out the appropriate computer ap. Ignorant old fart I am getting to be! That's why I never post anything . . . well that and I suck [details!] Actually, I don't suck any worse than others I've heard here and ALL OVER Youtube but just never have had a need to develop the recording capability. Here's a pretty good one. Especially showing the S1 capability. I think it's that vintage color of the neck with the candy apple that I fell in love with. But if it plays like butt, the prettiest guitars are paper weights. It plays wonderfully. The compound radius and v-neck take some getting used to but as I am doing that I am loving it. The ONLY problem I really had with my high mileage AM Standard was that fairly skinny neck and 9.5" radius would cramp my long skinny hands after maybe 30 minutes at the most. This neck doesn't have that problem. Flattening out the radius on the high end makes soloing SO much easier. And, again, I said the new noiseless "are close" to that vintage Fender single coil vibe [e.g love those texas specials]. Close enough that zero noise makes up for the slight variation.
  12. Finally bit the bullet on a Fender American Deluxe V-neck I've wanted for a while now. My American Standard has quite a few miles on her and a couple of minor problems. Really liking this v-neck. S-1 adds enough umph in HB mode to compete with Gilmour's EMG strat tone. Now if I could just compete with Gilmour himself . . . Anyway, the new noiseless pups are getting closer all the time to that vintage single coil vibe, just not quite. Close enough though that the complete absence of noise is worth the slight difference to me! Need to get an outside purdy pic as this one doesn't do it justice.
  13. Why in the world would you take heat for this? Gorgeous guitar. PRS necks don't work well with my long skinny hands for some reason which is the ONLY reason I don't own one [several?] but they are outstanding guitars. Oh, not a Gibby, I get it. People ask me why I talk up Carvins on the Gibson forum? Well, it's hard to be a Carvin Troll when I own 4 Gibsons. But, my "goto" is a Carvin. Of course if I could get Gibson to make me a guitar with custom neck material, shape, size, radius, fretboard material, color, and finish [tung oil rules!], fret number, size and type, Inlay material, shape, size, and color, Nut type, material, and color, Body material, shape, size, color, and finish, Top material, shape, size, color, and finish, Headstock material, shape, size, color, and finish, Bridge and Tail type, Hardware type and color, Pups and electronics of my choice etc. ~ like that will ever happen. :unsure:
  14. Thanks! But like I said, my guitars are tools and I use them all for different purposes. If I had to choose ONE though, this guitar is "almost" a les paul, "almost" a strat, "almost" a tele, and a very nice acoustic for a hard body. Plus you can mix a little to a lot of acoustic in with either the HBs or the HBs split, in or out of phase. So, not knowing what we were going to play, I'd grab this one every time. Used to be my Carvin CS6 was my goto which is close functionally but no acoustic capability and is only a 22 fretter. The TL60T has 24. Hard to beat a custom made to your specs guitar. Now, if I know what specifically we'll be playing, all bets are off. I'll grab a Gibby or a Fender or one of the Carvins. Just depends. I'm anxious to get my new AM Deluxe V-neck Strat tomorrow though. It should be a great guitar. Wanted one for years and my AM Standard has a bunch of miles on her.
  15. Well, I use multiple tools for multiple tones but my new number one is my Carvin TL60T. Humbuckers that split, in and out of phase, and an acoustic fishman piezo in the wilkinson bridge. The walnut makes a little darker sound, but in a good way, like the KOA on my CS6 does.
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