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  1. Have to say I'm with you on that, I think it looks odd and I can't believe that Epiphone saves a lot of dough on not putting it on their guitars.
  2. Do like Johnny Marr, just ditch the tremoloarm, can't be hard to take it out…
  3. Do you have any pics where the serial is visible?
  4. Pics dude, we need the pics! We love pics of new guitars!!!
  5. It's a joke. It's not Damians guitar.
  6. That's sick beautiful… love those specials, wish I had one…
  7. That's one goodlooking guitar. Congrats on that and I hope it plays well!
  8. You are one lucky man! That Wilshire is the one guitar I crave the most… I'm gassing a lot of guitars, but that Wilshire is da bomb!
  9. Yeah, not a common sight. Fun to see though, think it's a custom, but I'm not "in the know" but I think it is. And I'm with Damian, what a bummer you don't get to keep it…
  10. Man! It looks amazing! I was watching VH1 yesterday and the video for Dirty Boots with Sonic Youth came on. Lee Ranaldo was playing a black Genesis and I was thinking "I can't wait for them to release the reissue so I can get a chance to play one of those". I so want one!
  11. That's one sweet guitar! I love more "wacky" finishes such as pink and Surf Green, I think it's really funny in a world of sunburst, black and cherry (I like those as well, just fun to have some brighter guitars as well)
  12. Your guitar, you can do what you want to it. Like the others said just keep all the original parts since that model Riviera is quite collectible because of that Noel-guy… ;-)
  13. I saw one of them demo:ed in a frettedamericana video. I don't think they had the amp though but the guitar sounded quite good and versatile. I like em'!
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