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  1. mine came Friday night but I couldn't get it until today due to I took my bride away for a weekend on Tybee Island near Savannah GA.. had a great time.. then came home and got to open my GT... this is my first Gibson.. and I have to say.. the wait was frustrating as heck.. but the pay off is SOOOOOOO sweet... I got a 3 piece back but I have been playing the heck out of it... I love the tone of the P90s and the neck feels really nice... TOP
  2. yes it seems that AMS got their first shipment of the GT in... mine was shipped and is due to arrive to my house Friday... I am very anxious as this is my first true Gibson... Top
  3. I am still waiting for mine too... AMS is saying early June... *shrug* we will see... I won't cancel my order though... my luck I would cancel it and they would start shipping them the very next day LOL Top
  4. LOL well crap... its not like I can't just hop in a car and run to GC! grumble grumble
  5. this past year I have been really lucky and gotten to see some great bands... I got to see Queensryche, Filter, and Avenged Sevenfold... I got Queensryche to sign a POS classical guitar and a Blackstar HT5 amp, Fiter signed a fender strat, and A7X signed an Agile AL2000 gold top... so yes... I would let an artist sign my stuff... its all in great fun... and when I get home I have an uncrowned drum head waiting on me... my man cave is going to look like a flipping museum... yep I am a lucky man! Top
  6. I am in the same boat guys... I ordered mine on 04 Feb and I still haven't gotten crap.... they have done the same thing to me and keep pushing the date back further and further.... what a crock of crap... I am coming back from Iraq in less than 2 weeks now and I ordered it in what I thought would be PLENTY of time and it would be waiting for me when I come home... but nooooooooooo.... If someone would just have been upfront and said ... 6 month wait... hooah... ok no biggie... but this getting pushed back time and time again is getting really old really flipping quick.... this is my first
  7. well its odd to me that all the other colors are getting to the stores yet none have made it to American Musical... not a few... ZERO... and here we are almost 2 months back ordered and nada nothing...
  8. I ordered mine on 06 Feb and I just talked to them and they have YET to get on in and now they are saying it is being pushed back to April 15th!!! this is getting a bit frustrating.. LOL I am trying to keep a positive vibe going.. but its getting harder every week it goes past and nothing...
  9. Thanks for the offer... I am good... just was curious if anyone else had heard anything about there being production issues...
  10. currently I am in Tallil Iraq but when I am back in the states I am at Fort Stewart Georgia...
  11. Thanks Chris, I am hoping but if it doesn't happen it won't be the end of the world.. hey I will be home and I can play my other guitars... i have a gorgeous DBZ Imperial waiting on me too... I suck at playing but I am a VERY good collector! LOL
  12. LOL its not quite THAT serious... I am a First Sergeant.. that would be abuse of my power LOL they frown on that
  13. I ordered my gold top tribute 60s on the 6th of Feb.. it still hasn't shipped... in fact I was just told by American Musical that they haven't received ANY gold tops... they have had ship dates from Gibson of 03 Feb and 13 Feb.. and Gibson missed both of those dates.. the next date is the 30th... and who knows what will happen... Talk about frustrating! Anyways tonight I got on chat with customer service and they told me that Gibson was having production issues with the guitars and that was why there were so slow to ship... has anyone heard or can confirm that this is the issue? I have my hea
  14. mine is still on back order... been a month today...
  15. I ordered the Gold top on Feb 6th American Musical... *sigh* its still on back order. I am currently in Iraq and this is my welcome home present from my family, as well as my first real Gibson... I just hope it comes in by the middle of April... otherwise this is going to be a very disappointing welcome home present LOL I can't wait to get it! Top
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