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  1. Hey Folks Thought you folks might like to see this and maybe add your's to it as well. My link
  2. No foam on either of these I've recived. 3 peice's of cardboard one rolled up on each side one single peice over the top of the case.
  3. This is perhaps the best question so far,since this is the Gibson/Epiphone site. ...or maybe "Why does this keep happening?" Let's put it to Jim R directly and see if he cares to comment. Really,2,to the same customer. I don't know what to say,I really don't.
  4. Well folks #2 got here today. Don't know what to say. My link My link
  5. I wish I had taken a picture of the rear of the headstock,it looked just like that.I noticed on one of my Son's Epipy's it had a scarf joint I never saw this till I read on another forum of it.Is this a very strong way to do it? Are LP necks made of Mahogany isn't this sort of a softer wood,why not use like hard Maple or something? As far as the shipping goes,packing was bad,the guitar was in the case no bubblewrap,put in a box,with 3 peice's of cardborad to take up the extra space(but was still sloppy),outside of box was beat to smithers. Factory shipping inside the box was bad,shipping people were just as bad. When my Son got his 50th Annaversary Lynard Skynard, it was packed way better. I'm bummed,don't want to have a brand new guitar repaired,I really hope they can get one to me. Thanks for all the answers folks.
  6. Hey There Many Thanks for fixn' my pictures.I hope,I'm just worried there won't be anymore to send.
  7. Hey Folks New guy here,start off with I have my Sons Epipy's and the are fine. I pre-ordered a Joe Bonamassa LP back in Nov. just got it Fri.. Loonngg wait ,but when it get here all the nightmare stories came full tilt. My neck was busted,I have read of them shipping to folks,1-busted neck,2-twisted neck at headstock,1-cracked at neck joint,3-busted headstocks !! I have nothing else to compare the Made in China Epipy's to,the others in the house were made in Tawain ,and they are awesome.Now that these were a limited run of 1000,now what? [/img]http://i264.photobucket.com/albums/ii187/Tikkabuck/guitars/broke.jpg[/img]"]My link
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