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  1. TAKE TWO: Mystic Rosewood I would like to nail down the source of the information about "mystic rosewood" and its tonal qualities that I offered earlier. It came from Ren Ferguson, who describes how he came across a cache of seasoned East Indian rosewood burls at a supplier's site in an email quoted by my guitar dealer: Hence, Ren Ferguson is the source of the information about virgin burl wood, which he says that he found mixed in with rosewood stumps at a supplier's site.
  2. Consider this modest observation about red spruce and rosewood J-185s: this J-185 from 2011 (the 60th anniversary of the model) is a Wildwood New Vintage Exotic model customized with Adirondack red spruce top and braces (attached with hide glue), ebony fingerboard and bridge, Kluson tuners, and burled Indian rosewood back and sides. I've been flat picking it for the last four years. Here is what I found: it lacks the round, assertive bass of an ideal bluegrass rhythm instrument, but it has the bottom end for most other uses. Mid-range separation and higher is never muddy, and it has the clarity and sustain of a good Martin dreadnought. It's just a matter of taste, but I prefer this J-185 to others with maple and plain EIR backs that I have owned.
  3. I snagged one of these (with some upgrades), and it's the finest guitar I've had in my hands, the first to actually sound like a piano.
  4. I have owned several guitars, including three Bozeman acoustics, and Gibson support for their instruments is outstanding. One of the Gibsin acoustics had a minor finish problem, and Gibson was proactively receptive to my problem reports on more than one occasion. They were responsive, concerned, prompt, supportive, and fair. I will always consider Gibson first when alleviating GAS pains.
  5. The tusq bridge pins on my 2002 Hummingbird Orpheum Flame measure as follows: * 3 degree taper * 0.215" circumference below the collar * 0.159" circumference at the other end These are the pins that shipped with the guitar.
  6. My Gibson dealer confirms that the name "Mystic Rosewood" identifies tonewood that Ren Ferguson bought "when he went to India, it comes from some very large rosewood burls they had in the woodyard there - this stuff is very dense and has a cleaner, more articulate bass response, very sweet mids and a sparkling high end response." From this, I gather that "Mystic Rosewood" comes from Indian rosewood burls. In particular, it is not stump wood, which, by definition, supports most of the mass of the tree and may be more susceptible to cracking over time. There are a few photos on the internet and, to my eyes, it is visually stunning.
  7. I believe Dave is playing a '36 Epiphone Olympia.
  8. I'm satisfied to think to myself that any 2011 J-185 is a 60th anniversary instrument. I would like to hear the 1951 and 2011 played side-by-side sometime.
  9. A custom shop Hummingbird with select tonewoods can become a lifelong relationship. Forget the bling--get the tonewood.
  10. I believe that particular J-185 showed up for sale on acousticguitar.com this April. It is labeled "NR Special." Google "j-185 cherry blossom inlay." There is also a video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JVYt3Kdttgg&feature=mfu_in_order&list=UL
  11. From your description, it appears that your guitar was fitted with an incorrect saddle. This is a mistake, and mistakes happen. Sometimes product configuration issues are created by the manufacturer and sometimes by their retail distributors. Either way, Gibson owns the mistake. We expect dealers to catch mistakes and remedy them before passing guitars into our hands. Sometimes this works and sometimes not. I have owned more than one Gibson acoustic, and I can vouch for their customer service: Gibson follows through to satisfy any reasonable customer complaint. The Gibson lifetime warranty is a valuable component of the purchase price.
  12. Bozeman shipped my 2005 J-185 Rosewood Antique Natural with John Pearse light gauge .12-.54 phosphorbronze strings.
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