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    i have it... it's ok, it is what it is... ... I use it w/ my ipad. Good for vacations. I like it..
  2. i know how you feel. I lost my job almost a year ago, and can't find anything. now it looks like the Les Paul that I finally got last year, before I became unemployed, will have to go. I already got rid of my 2 strats and my 2 epi's. it's hard, but you just have to keep on going.
  3. 2008 Les Paul Standard (2010) Heritage Cherry Sunburst.
  4. Geddy Lee Jaco Pastorius Steve Harris Chris Squire Les Claypool
  5. Ok... So I am reading this and have a question...... I installed strap locks on my les Paul, and the screw hole was slightly to large for the screw. I used a toothpick, but did not use wood glue... It seems to be holding. Should I take it out and re place the toothpick with another one only using glue this time, or should i leave well enough alone?
  6. "Jane, you ignorant sl*t..." good times.....
  7. I think these signature guitars are O.K. if they offer something unique... The "tribute guitar" never really interested me I dunno.... If I am going to spend my money on something I think I would want it to be mine... Even though I am a huge Rush fan, and like the Alex Lifeson Les Paul Axcess, and the features it has, I don't know if I would be willing to shell out that kind of money for one.... If I could, I would probably get the Les Paul Axcess Standard.... ( I know the Standard doesn't have the piezo bridge saddles) (In reality, I'll probably end up with the Epiphone Pro/fx) just my opinion though..... I Gibson wouldn't be making them if people weren't buying them.
  8. Man... I would love to have that guitar... In any color. Still a little to pricey for me, but it is an awesome guitar. I have been a rush fan for years. I hope I get to play one at G.C. Th epi pro/fx is the best I will be able to do. I hope epi makes a version.
  9. just saw it on Musicians friend on the "Pre-order" section... http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Gibson-50th-Anniversary-SG-Standard-24-Electric-Guitar?sku=H71160
  10. i kinda like it..... definitely looks like care was taken into it's creation.... cool
  11. I love my strats.... I have three American Standards.... (one with a humbucker) I like the sound of the single coils w/a little gain. ( I know the hum is annoying at times) I think that the best thing about a strat is the distinct sound... on the other hand the worst thing about a strat is that distinct sound... it depends on the music you are playing.... just my opinion.... everything has it's place.....
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