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  1. i wouldnt go any thinner than .012 to be honest. you need as heavy strings as you can handle to get the best out of the jumbo sound, any lower than 12 and you may as well not bother with the jumbo
  2. i had the rest of the electrics checked out while i was there, all seemed to be ok, so hopefully no problems in the future!
  3. it was the sodler guys - had it fixed at local luthier, feel much better now!
  4. well i have the ej200ce and i want the texan but i cant afford both. what i mean to ask is, is it worth selling my ej200ce for a texan or is it a bit of a downgrade?! cheers
  5. Ok, Taking personal tastes out of the equation, what is the better guitar?
  6. cheers guys will have a go tonight and post the results!
  7. Hi all, just recently i have started to develop, or my riviera has to be more accurate, a crackle on the jack and also on the volume controls. I have this problem on my old squier strat but seeing as this is a cheap guitar i never bothered to fix it. As my riviera is my most cherished of all my guitars i was very unhappy when this problem presented its self!! Can anyone tell me what is causing is and how to fix it?! Cheers Chris
  8. so then whos had experience with a masterbilt? i dont really know a great deal about them!
  9. thanks guys, lots to take in there. i would love a taylor but i would be looking for a 110 because a 200 series is out of my price range! used gibson would be pushing it as over here they are like gold dust! epi texan may be worth looking at but i fancied something different as i have 2 epis at the moment
  10. Hi all, Im looking for some help off all you wise people!! Im looking for a new guitar, a step up from my epiphone but not right the way upto gibsons as yet! Looking at one of these: http://products.guildguitars.com/products/search.php?partno=3830106821 what do people think would be a decent mid range dreadnought, preferably with a cutaway. looking to spend around £600 or $1000! cheers chris
  11. it looks like ur right but someone hasnt knocked it up in a shed somewhere!! it must have a model number!
  12. i think the logo is real, its an early 1900's logo, seen today only on the Blues King i believe. heres a link: http://www2.gibson.com/Products/Acoustic-Instruments/Small-Body/Gibson-Acoustic/Blues-King/Features.aspx ive just never seen a gibson like it, its too slim to be an acoustic but looks to be completely hollow body, so not a semi either!
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