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    strap locks

    I use Schaller myself.
  2. I have had mine a while and it is a great guitar. I have added a lightweight stoptail and Jensen PIO caps. Neither made any appreciable difference. I have a need to tweak so I am sure I will try something as we go along!
  3. [quote name='rdsmith3' timestamp='1313690442' post='98870 dalep - are those your kids? Nice family. My kids would not be able to resist holding the guitar. Yes, those are part of the herd. The little one is learning play. They both have their own though.
  4. Does $500 even count? I picked up one of these and then when MF was running them at $500 even last week got a rebate to $500 even. http://www.musiciansfriend.com/guitars/epiphone-limited-edition-50th-anniversary-1960-les-paul-version-3-electric-guitar
  5. It is hard to know just what you are seeing but humbuckers move some. They are mounted on 2 springs on 2 screws. They rock and can be slid around a bit.
  6. I have one of these and like it a great deal. Mine has the floyd as well as pup upgrade. Nice guitar. .
  7. Nice looking guitar! As noted the black is the fingerboard dye. Clean it and you are good to go. Dale
  8. Correct. And note that many very nice sounding and expensive guitars are poly these days. Hamer, PRS and Taylor acoustics come tiom mind. It s how it is applied and not the finish material itself.
  9. I have an Epi 1960 Tribute V3 I also own a Gibson 1960 Tribute Honeyburst They are very different guitars. The V3 is a humbucker based guitar with a solid mahogany body and maple top with a flame veneer top and 2 piece mahogany veneer back. The BB1 and BB2 pickups are ver vintage. The neck is very nice and the guitar has a relatively classic Les Paul tone. It sounds as good as other Gibson production Les Pauls to me. The Gibson 1960 Tribute is a duel p90 guitar. It has a chambered mahogany body with a maple top. It has a very thin nitro finish and is very light. The G
  10. About not making dark back DB in 05 ... Mine was for sure.
  11. It depends on what you like. The players with the groups you listed are all over the place for pickups. I tend to like more vintage and Alnico 2 mags in general. I like BB1, BB2, 57 and 57+ in the Gibson line. I like Seth Lovers, Antiquities and APII in the Duncan line. I like the 36th Ann in the Dmz line. You can spend literally thousands on pickups from custom winder (or Duncan for their silver wire pickup). It is a lot like what is your favorite color to paint with in many ways.
  12. I never like the dark back on my DB 05 Standard. I am with you on that for a burst.
  13. The goldtop is my impression. There is no set number.
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