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  1. Love this Gibson JB model. Sound great both fingerstyle and strumming.
  2. maow

    Ren Ferguson

    Thanks for let us know and how he fully recover very soon.
  3. I have used Shubb and G7th both are work well.
  4. Neil Young's guitar : Probably 1951 Martin D28 and this guitar used to be Hank's guitar Emmylou Harris : I'm sure it is Gibson but can't identify the model. Better clear clip please see link below. http://youtu.be/DCiGbOW9QTE
  5. Finally, I've got the J35 Luthier's Choice with no.10. I've checked with Bob Burns, Gibson customer service, and the certificate. This model was only 16 made in year 2011. I love sound of this guitar and it quite different from SJ/TV that I have. I will keep her best.
  6. Only a Jackson Browne model is good enough, for me.
  7. Thanks RAR for correcting information about the radius of old Smeck.
  8. A Spanish guitar has a round neck and a Hawaiian guitar has a square neck.A Spanish guitar is meant to be played by picking or strumming while a Hawaian guitar is meant to be on your lap or a table laid flat. A Hawaiian guitar has a high action and is meant to be played with a slide. Read more: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/How_is_a_Spanish_guitar_different_from_Hawaiian_guitars#ixzz1XzLfGg3A Also, I think the Spanish has narrower neck width. Here is the respond from seller of this Roy Smeck guitar. I'm the seller of the Roy Smeck and let me respond: 1. The original fingerboard on a Smeck has no radius or frets and to convert to Spanish Style the board would need to be radiused and fretted. The person who converted it probably found it easier to put on a fingerboard that was already radiused and fretted....possibly at the request of the owner. 2. It would be impossible to play a square or heavily V profiled neck and that would suggest that most if not all Roy Smeck conversions have their necks reshaped. a. Many Roy Smeck conversions have new necks made. The point of this example is that it is an amazing guitar and I will be sorry to let her go. Jim
  9. Thanks RAR for sharing your experience. That's good information in the other view.
  10. I agree with ponty. Don't put any glue on top of guitar. the sticker of 3M might help. I have the same problem with Gibson's pickguard and I just used 3M sticker. This could sticks your pickguard properly.
  11. Congrats! what a nice J45 legend. I love pickguard and tuner. Is this guitar comes with VOS finished? I wish to hear this guitar sound.
  12. My Gibson pickguard came off as well and I did in the same way as Jack6489 suggests. This work very well.
  13. Congratulation, this is a nice guitar. So lovely wife.
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