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  1. I just picked one up. Bought sight unseen of GC's used website. I always wanted a 335, but it never felt right to play, then I played one of these and swore when I found a good deal on one I'd pop. Well one came across for $1300 so I went for it and I'm glad I did. Amazing guitar plays great and is fairly versatile tone wise for a semi-hollow.
  2. pick6

    JCM 800 question

    I've seen a few people do this where they modify the combo cabinet and make it a head. In fact, I actually looked into doing something like this to my own JCM800 4210 combo (the combo version of the 2205 channel switcher). That one should be the same as a 2204 head, and either came out of a 4010 (50w 1x12) or a 4104 (50W 2x12) combo but I'm thinking because of the size it was probably the 1x12 combo. It says "functions perfectly" and while it's entirely possible - when these older Marshall's are left unserviced for a while can start to do weird things. After buying mine I had to have a tech go through the whole thing. Luckily I have a great tech and it wasn't that costly, but I would definitely think about that when negotiating price. $600 seems really good for that amp given it "functions perfectly" as he says. Considering that a 2203 head or 4104 will run about $1000-$1500 in good cosmetic and functioning condition. Maybe it's priced that way because he modified the cabinet AND it's a little shaky cosmetically, but either way I would be suspicious about it. listen for excessive hum, volume drops, and if possible pull the chassis out and look for anything that might seem funky like and mods he may have done. If it powers on and rocks out I'd say $600 is a great deal. It's a 30+ year old tube amp so it's going to need some TLC, but if you don't mind shooting it over to your tech every once in a while then go for it. Since the amp is exactly the same as the 2204 head when you plug into it you should expect nothing less that that familiar JCM800 80's rock tone. here is one for sale on ebay with some pretty good pics so you can compare this to what a nice clean one would look like: http://www.ebay.com/itm/VINTAGE-MARSHALL-JCM-800-50-WATT-LEAD-MODEL-4104-GUITAR-AMP-VERY-GOOD-UPGRADED-/171313351611?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item27e3124bbb
  3. Even the studio faded's come with BBpros though. If you ask me that one has to be the best bang for you buck out there. Is it as pretty as a standard, or even a studio with a nicer finish? Heck no, but is it still gonna sound great coming out of your amp, or on a recording where people can't even see the paint job, bindings, or extra fancy inlays your guitar? Hell yeah it is! regardless of the woods selected or how many pieces, or whatever, If a $600 studio faded still sounds great, then ratio of "$ spent" to "increase in sound quality" doesn't seem to be quite right IMO. Which says to me that most of what your paying for is the prettiness of the figuring and the bindings and inlays. However the ratio of "$ spent" to "build time spent on visual aesthetics" does. It takes much more work to put the extra binding, the inlays, etc. and when you add that to a nice figured top that's where the extra money comes in. It's a question really of whats more important, If sound is the only thing you care about, then there are plenty of studio models that can do the job and then some. I'm still not buying that a AAA figuring is gonna make your guitar SOUND better though. Look cool, yeah sure - sound better...I don't think so.
  4. pick6


    I really like the AC15cc1. Great Normal channel, which you can also push to get a little overdriven tone, and the Top Boost side is awesome. My only beef with the amp was the speaker. It's not bad, but there are much better speaker options for not much more money.
  5. I was thinking the same thing. I almost always see the 12 string 'birds in the non reverse body. It must be a Custom Shop build. It was beautiful. I like how they kept the pickguard and selector switch the same as on a righty but moved the volume and tone pots since he's lefty. The one thing took the longest getting used to was that damn selector switch and how it's so far away at the end of the bottom horn. In his lefty version though it's in the perfect spot like it would be on an LP. I still can't find a good pic of it on google.
  6. Lol yup the rectifier tube was the first that went. It started the chain reaction of things that started to fail. Yeah I know exactly what you mean about the brightness. Single coils seem especially bright. A really nice combo is to use a mini HB in the neck position with the AC. Whether clean, slightly overdriven, or into what little crunch the AC offers, the mini HB in the neck position really shines. It's one of the reasons I can never seems to pull the trigger on getting rid of the AC or my firebird. I wanna do this to one of my teles: http://www.guitarpartdeals.com/?p=521093 I feel it could be a really cool tone with the AC. Anyone got a tele with a mini HB in the neck? I'm gonna add it to the list of projects.
  7. The biggest used pedal rip-offs I feel the Line 6 DL4 and MM4. When those two pedals are used regularly they seem to only work for as long as their warranty is covering them. I've been through 5 of them in 6 years - (2)MM4's and (3)DL4's. Maybe it's just my luck with the DL4 but i've read enough from other owners to safely say that i'm not alone. Those are two pedals I would never buy used, and when buying new ALWAYS by the extended warranty.
  8. My AC30 dies with so much frequency that it's ridiculous. I want to get rid of it, but then it zombies back and it sounds so good! It's like those sour patch kids commercials. It'll make you soooooo mad, and then suck you right back in with it's "chimey" tone. The last time it died i went and bought a second one for back up. I figure i'll just rotate the 2 in and out of the shop. i've never owned a less reliable amp. I wonder if Vox has fixed their reliability in the newer C2/C2X models (mine is a CCH from '05)
  9. I am totally about the G-Major. It plays nicely with stompboxes and works well either in a FX loop or before the amp (it really shines in the FX though). It's kind of a ***** to program, although there are a couple of 3rd party pc editors out there that help with the programing (G Major 2 comes with a mac/pc editor), and all the different effects are high quality. Downsides: It's a rack unit and you have to not only program the unit but the footswitch as well. And it doesn't have amp modeling, but if your happy with the sound of your tube screamer and your amp then this isn't really a problem. Seeing as how you know someone who has one of them. I guess I'm not telling you anything you don't know, but IMO the tone of the G Major blows away that of the RP and POD. I don't know why so many people are against these units, my guess is it's because of the work that they take to program. But once programmed they are excellence. The ease use during a gig far outweighs the pain of troubleshooting a large pedal board with various 6" patch cables and many different power supplys (or 9v batteries). Also there's the issue of signal degradation from non-true bypass pedals, etc. etc. etc. With quality multi fx pedals it's 1 foot tap and every effect (and the channel switching of your amp) is controlled. Plus you can always set the G Major up to make your footswitch act like a line of stompboxes if you'd like. I'd also, recommend using the Behringer FCB1010 to control it. you have 10 banks of 10 patches, plus TWO expression pedals (with a wide range of motion) that can be any combo of: Volume, Wah, Pitch Shifter, or to manually adjust any number of paramaters in that effect. I mean lets face it, how many nights do you get premier sound at a venue? What i mean is, how many nights do you get to play a venue with not only a top notch sound system, but a quality sound man that is so good that the average crowd member can tell if your using a specific array of stompboxes, or a really good quality multi fx unit? Even on the BEST systems this would be difficult to distinguish. On the flip side, the average crowd member almost always notices when someone is trying to troubleshoot a faulty pedal board. Also, if your already looking into the pod, you might want to look into the Line 6 M9. or M13 I'm not so much a fan of the distortion/overdrives on them, but the delays, modulations, and filters are all of good quality. It's like having a DL4, MM4, and FM4 all in one.
  10. yeah it's not just that guitar it's anything over 399$ i believe... so this would be 15% off the traditional as well.
  11. What's a tuning? I just run my guitar through my I am T-Pain app and it auto tunes it for me.
  12. Yeah not me. I'm pretty horrible at it.
  13. Does the TC Electronic G Major count? probably not since it's a rack unit, But it's what i use live, (actually i use 2 - one for each head) and i control it with a big midi controller (FCB1010). Awesome studio quality Effects. as for stompboxes: Delay - Line 6 DL4 Modulation - Boss: Chorus Ensemble and Tremolo. MXR: Phase 90 (if line 6 ever gets their crap together and puts a tap tempo on their MM4, It would take over this catagory by itself) Overdrive: MXR Distortion + Reverb - Electro Harmonix Holy Grail Reverb The DL4 really is awesome tho. 15 great delays, 3 presets (or 6 when using an expression pedal) and a 14 second looper. But I've converted to the midi system. It's a pain in the *** to program. The stress from programming it is enough make you want to shoot yourself, but once it's programmed it's awesome. Most units will handle channel switching on your amp as well so it's 1 switch controls all, completely eliminating "tap dancing". great for someone who is also a vocalist.
  14. Andy did hit it on the head. Feel the connection and roll with THAT. Remember also, if your buying it from GC, you can always return it within 30 days. If they get the maple top in within that time, and you find out you like that one more, take the mahogany top back in for an exchange. Take advantage of this with any guitar purchase from GC. That's what the 30 days is for. As an owner of both, I can say I like both equally. Some dudes say they hear all sorts of difference, I say it's very small. And chances are you'll hear something different than me so who knows. I mainly got the maple one because I wanted to repaint it with the Vintage Sunburst. I also wanted to give it the "natural binding" which works better with a maple top. And lastly I wanted the BurstBucker Pros since i liked them so much in the Vintage Mahogany, and for $738 (presidents day weekend sale at GC is 15% off starting on the 18th) why not?! As for the case, I always ask if they have a original case that is scuffed or scratched. These cases still are structurally sound, but they tend to not sell them to customers because people complain about buying a new case that already has a scuff on it. You can usually get a really great discount on the scuffed or scratched cases. There are also plenty of other people out there making quality cases with out the outrageous $199 price tag of a new gibson case. Good luck with your purchase!!
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