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  1. In this case, why pay $3000 for a Songwriter deluxe studio
  2. Thank's for your answer. I didn't know the difference between bone and Tusq. Not sure i want a brighter sound? I use to play most of the time Half step down and it always seem that the B string is out of tune. This is why i wan't to try a compensated saddle...
  3. Can someone tell me what is the exact size of the Masterbuilt DR-500MCE non compensated saddle. I don't have the proper tool to mesure it. I really wan't to replace the original saddle by a compensated saddle. I will order it from this site. http://www.graphtech.com/products/brands/tusq/tusq-acoustic-saddles Thanks for your help!
  4. This pic is on the Epiphone Facebook site
  5. This will be a pretty nice one to own!!!
  6. The guitar look nice with no pickguard
  7. Hi Isakale, IMO no need to change the bridge pin. You better spend your money on a good set of string, care product or maintenance tools.
  8. I'm using Elixir nanoweb 012 - 053 After trying some others, has far has i'm concern, this is by far the best set to use with this guitar.
  9. I've got mine in VS 1 year ago. I really love it. IMO for the price, it's by far the best guitar you can find. Sometimes, i go to my local store to try some more expensive guitar. Can't justify spending $1500 - $2500 more, the DR-500MCE is to close from them. I am planning to get another one in natural finish. Or maybe go for an EF-500RCCE.
  10. Thanks for the advice. I did a few search on the net. You seem to be right.
  11. I have the opportunity to buy a 1975 Epiphone Crestwood with the case for $450 CA dollars. Should a buy it? No pics sorry. The guitar is in good condition, whammy bar is missing.
  12. The new saddle. will you replace it by a compensate one?
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