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  1. For me, I had tuning stability issues with the Bigsby B70 on there. I already have another guitar with a bigsby B7 so I decided to take the B70 off and put a frequensator on. Although you can see the Bigsby screw holes, these have now faded and are barely visible now. I am happy with the result and have no tuning issues at all. I think it looks great too. The wine red colour is stunning and gold hardware compliments it.
  2. Oops! Sorry for the late response... As requested... My other Riviera: And 335 with Bigsby B7
  3. No tonal changes that I can hear but the strings feel 'looser' if that makes sense. Sounds great acoustically too!
  4. I removed the Bigsby B70 unit from my Riviera P93 and replaced it with a frequensator. Completes the look I think and doesn't have tuning issues now :) Will post a picture later on for you to see!
  5. Another great option to consider is the 'Eastwood Nashville 12' - if you can find one. These are great guitars and have played them in the shop, wish I bought it when I had the chance. It appears to be a rare beast and no longer in production. They are fully hollow with mini-humbuckers and 335 styled in a nice cherry finish. Heres a video with decent audio:
  6. Some more photos: Another one of my 335's /w Bigsby :-)
  7. Hey all, Thought I'd show off my Riviera guitar :-) Has nice cherry finish too and lovely woodgrain. Key features: - NY Mini Humbuckers - Frequensator tailpiece - Grover Deluxe tuners
  8. Beady Eye use Epiphone's on their acoustic performances also! Beady Eye - Live!
  9. Nice! I have the same guitar. I have upgraded mine with a ABR-1 bridge, Tusq nut and Grover Deluxe tuners to complete it! :-) I play mine through a Marshall JCM 2000... it's a decent rythym guitar.
  10. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Epiphone-SJ-18S-VS-/321135602683 That is the very guitar I'm speaking of. The neck is quite thin too!
  11. Ah.. it's exactly the SJ 18S - me mistaking the S for a 5 - geeso! Same inlays too! Cheers for that!
  12. I've seen a used Epiphone Jumbo 185 guitar for sale in a shop. Can't find any history of these so any info welcome... It was finished in a beautiful sunburst with a nice wood-effect headstock, much like the Gibson Songwriter.
  13. Do you think this pickguard would cover the routing? eBay Link
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