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  1. Hiya, I have recently received my new Les Paul 1959 VOS after a year waiting ... I didnt want to risk the straps coming off either, although I don't gig. I asked the shop to get me some Gibson straplocks and they told me that Gibson don't do straplocks, but the ones Gibson recommend are the Dunlop ones. The Dunlop ones are on my guitar now, it took them 2 minutes to do it, and personally I think they look great, even much better than the originals ... I could take a couple of pics if you like and put them on here ... ??? ;-)
  2. All sorted now thanx, i've made a new thread and posted them in the 1959 Les Paul Reissue part of the Custom section. I will look into this Facebook option, I spend many hours on there ... lol ...
  3. Thanx everyone, I had been asked to put up pics for ages, but have been having epic fails as ive said ... Reading all your advice in this post, I have managed to put up the pics in a new post in the relavent section with help from a mate ... Thanx again everyone ...
  4. After finally finding out how to resize pics, here are a few quick snaps of my new Les Paul ... Although appalling customer service from Gibson, it is an amazing guitar and they have delivered a guitar that is better than I could have ever expected. After waiting a year without as much as an update even though numerous attempts had been made by me and the shop, I couldn't go through it again so this will be my last Gibson purchase unfortunately ... I may add though that the guitar was worth the wait this time .....
  5. Ok, thanx I will look at that now. So why the heck do Gibson give the option to upload via the forum if it cant be done ... ??? Thanx for the advice peeps ...
  6. Hi Guitarest, I have never posted a pic on here before in my life, these will be the first pics I post. If it ever lets me ...
  7. Hi, I am posting in this area because I am at my wits end and I would love a quick response .. lol ... On and off for about 2 weeks now I have been trying to get pics of my Les Paul onto this forum ... Whatever I do it keeps telling me that my files are too big. I only recently discovered how to reduce the pic sizes as I am not too great on a pc. It tells me that I have a 500k maximum upload ... I have finally got all 4 pics to reach a maximum of UNDER 500k when added up. I thought that at long last it was problem solved. So I wrote out the post and then started attaching files ... The fir
  8. I would love to put up pics but I have tried, it wont load them it keeps telling me the files are too big and I havge no idea how to resize ... ???
  9. Hi peeps, Having received my long awaited 1959 VOS something has come to my attention, it is no problem but I am just wondering ...... I know that the VOS series are toned down and reliced to an extent, but does that include the screws ... ??? The heads of every visible screw have rust on and it is more pronounced in the slots of the biggest screws. I am just wondering if this is meant to be because of the 'relicing' procedure. It definately gives the guitar the aged feel and is fine if it is meant to be there or not. Anybody got the same rusty marks on theirs ... ?
  10. Hi, I will post some pics soon, no problem ...
  11. Well the guitar arrived and to say I am happy is an understatement ... Absolutely beautiful ... Can't find fault and I have tried. The shop were very surprised to recieve it, they said it is normally a month shipping AFTER they are told it is finished ... Gibson didnt even bother emailing the shop to tell them it was done .. Oh well, I have the guitar, the flat smells of laquer. The smell hit me when I opened the case ... It must have been unopened for at least a month after completion. One niggly thing is that apparantly Gibson don't supply straps with custom guitars ... Thats the least th
  12. Wow, that is exactly what I wanted to see ... If this is what mine will look like, I will definately not be dissapointed ... !!! I have ordered exactly the same but a leftie, and still no sign of it ... !!! That looks absolutely awsome ... Exactly the flame I am hoping for too. Thanx again ...
  13. Thanx for that info, it has been an enlightenment. I still have all emails from Gibson Europe including the one where they stipulated that the custom shop were not affected by the raids in any way. The shop have continually told me that they have done everything they could to chase up the order and assured me I would not have got my guitar any quicker frrom any other dealer in the UK. It is not about the time it takes to make it, I dont mind that, it is the being told that it would be finished end of August and no updates since. I have no doubt it will turn up but if it is finished, as the
  14. Hi, and thanx for taking time to reply, I appreciate it. :-) ... The blame lies firmly at the door of Gibson for me. I went to the shop in December 2010 and ordered one. The only thing that makes it not a standard order is that I am left handed. I asked if I could choose the colour and was told they would contact Gibson to find out. I watched as they sent the email with the query. It took 8 WEEKS !!! for Gibson to get back to them with a reply. They said they can only call Gibson Europe as the custom shop don't give out their number. So officially I got confirmation of order at start of
  15. Hi People, Maybe a bit of a strange request this but could somebody please put up a pic for me of a 1959 Les Paul VOS in ICED TEA ... ??? I mean a pic of someones new guitar that they have recently had ... ??? I don't really know what to expect, I ordered mine back in February 2011 and I am still waiting although I was told it would be finished in August 2011 and I would get it by end of September in my hand. Must admit, Gibson's customer service is appalling. The shop I ordered from have not managed to get a single reply from the Custom shop when they have tried to find out the
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