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  1. That's what I have been doing. Still, it takes me a good 20 minutes to "work" it in there. Maybe I need to add some lube!!! Just kidding. The E string jaw just won't come out far enough for me to put it in there without struggling. I've only changed the strings on this thing twice so hopefully I'll get better. I have changed the strings on my other trans trem steinberger for 20 years now with no problems. I've been using the same calibrated strings too. Any other suggestions? Thanks for your input! dsh27
  2. I've strung my Zt3 twice so far and everything goes smoothly until I get to the high E string. I am using GHS calibrated strings made specifically for trans-trem. Both times I've strung the guitar I've spent about 3 minutes changing the other 5 strings and about 20-30 minutes stringing the high E. Any advice? I've never had this problem on my GM with trans trem. The high E string just doesn't want to fit on the Zt3! Thanks! DSH
  3. I am experiencing a similar problem. Mine only locks in the bottom two positions, the standard and the 1st upper position. (this just started happening this week...I think a part may have broken and I didn't notice) I think mine is aligned right but maybe the part is broken. I don't know many teeth there are, if any on the non-moveable part that's screwed into the guitar. Have you tried tightening the two alan nuts on the side of the tremelo bar? I've had to loosen and tighten mine. I doubt that will help but it's worth a try. I'm terrified of messing with mine but I'm sure that's what I
  4. I bought a Zt3 a few months ago and it's been great but this week I tried to "pull up" into the highest notch and it won't seem to lock in that position. It locks in the two lower positions as well as the standard position and 1/2 step up position. It looks like the metal that locks the lever is possibly broken (the metal piece attached to the guitar...not the part of the tremelo system) Has anyone ever had this problem? How would I go about getting a new part? Can't seem to find an answer online. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I will try calling Gibson but I thought I'd try thi
  5. Tried the new/better fitting wrench and the set up was very easy. It took me about 20 minutes. All positions in 97% tune. I also changed the strings just in case the ones on it weren't calibrated. I am using GHS tt 10's which I use for my GM pro with original trans trem. Changing the strings was a bit harder than on my other two steinbergers. Very happy now and thanks for your input and help. DSH
  6. I am trying to set up my trans trem. I have already stripped the hex nuts which adjust the jaw hight for transposing. The alan wrench they sent me was a little too small...it worked for a couple of strings but it stripped the nuts in the high e string and d. New parts are on the way. My question is: When tuning in the lower position, should I only turn the nut 1/8 to 1/4 of a turn and then tune back up in the high position for every string? I've watched the video and Ned talks about that a little. I also don't understand how to adjust the position of the jaw...with the white lines they
  7. Thanks for responding. I did try to use another alan/hex wrench and that seemed to have the same problem....it was the same size which if off just a little, will strip it. I will look for a better fitting wrench. I was able to turn some of them without stripping which is why this issue is bothering me so much. Hopefully the new nuts Gibson is sending me will work and the problem will be resolved. Thanks again. dsh
  8. Has anyone had any problems with the "Hex nuts" that raise the jaw up and down on each string? I just purchased a Zt3 and when I attempted to set the trans trem, I stripped the nut for the high E string as well as the D string. The metal seems too soft. Gibson is sending me a couple of new nuts but I was wondering if anyone had any advice. Thanks DSH27
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