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  1. that matte black looks awesome and the p-rails are a nice choice
  2. 58??? that is so young these days...what sad news to hear. i'm a new listener to his work and its sad to hear another great musician has gone :(
  3. i wouldnt say they are my favorite, but i usually get d'addario (don't know specifics) but either 9 or 10
  4. very nice find! congrats on the new custom
  5. first thing looking at the picture i noticed was that big yellow glare and was like "thats it? thats not that ba--GOD ALMIGHTY!" the day my les paul headstock looks like that, i'm kickin some cats in my neighborhood.
  6. my opinion its all preference. if you can deal with the epiphone quality and enjoy the sound, playability, etc. then thats what you get. yes, try and try and try ALL the guitars as many times as you need to to figure out what you like because in the end, its your money, your time, your sound as well. i personally have been "tainted" by the quality of a gibson and i nitpick if i pick up an epiphone. there are other guys that prefer epiphone so to each his own. hope you find your guitar and good luck
  7. ive tried both and i dont really see the big difference. i mainly do traditional because thats how gibson does it, thats how i got the guitar, and thats how ill leave it
  8. why not get best of both worlds and get the screwless pickguards
  9. damn, that blue looks amazing. red a close second
  10. ive always wanted a black custom. looks amazing, very jealous :o
  11. gibson. problem solved :o
  12. got a hold of a Nikon D5000 for a few days so i decided to take some new shots while i still had the camera. phil
  13. congratulations and i agree. i can definitely tell between the quality build between the epi's vs. gibsons LP's...
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