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    It's a little far - I'm in Maryland USA.
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    He didn't set the intonation. It was perfect, please see above. I've not heard of setting up the guitar to compensate for a heavy grip, but obviously not so enlightened as you. His suggestion of heavier strings was spot on. This guy does a lot of repair work on vintage guitars and has a great reputation in the area. Next time I'll bring it to you. ;) From TGP - My link
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    And just another twist: I bought a new Les Paul Traditional at the end of 2012 when they were being blown out. I restrung it with GHS Boomer 10s and did some minor action tweaks. It was playing real nice, but intonation was pretty bad. I took it to a local luthier for a setup. When I picked it up he said he spent about 5 minutes with it and it was perfect. He played it hooked up to a strobe tuner and intonation was spot on. Then I played it and most notes are sharp. The problem was my gorilla grip. A lighter touch kept the notes in tune. The luthier suggested that heavier strings would help also. I've been working on a lighter touch, but my natural approach is the gorilla grip. I had a set of D'Addario 10.5s that I got by mistake. Put them on and what a difference! Much better intonation, even with a gorilla grip. Next set for that guitar will be 11s!
  4. Love the flame and the bursts, but IMO it's a Goldtop.
  5. That 63 is incredible!
  6. I got a Junior 60s in ebony when MF was blowing them out a couple of weeks ago. I'll admit that the main reason I bought the guitar was because it was such a great bargain ($479.99). Little did I know what a great guitar it is! A little tweak of the bridge and the action is perfect for me. It's really light and resonant. Of course the dog ear P-90 is great - beautiful cleans and as much raunch as you could want when needed. I can't seem to put it down. A lot of people on line have complained about the baked maple board and the knobs not being in the traditional SG Jr location. I don't have a problem with either. The board is fine, smooth and comfortable. It cleaned up and darkened nicely with lemon oil. Since I don't have a vintage Jr the knobs don't bother me a bit. The gloss black finish on mine is very good. All in all a great guitar. Considering the bargain price it's an unbelievable value. It's working hard to unseat my 60s Tribute SG as #1. Beauty shots
  7. Thanks for that! They were on top of their game that night.
  8. My favorite solo of all time - it starts at 1:19 in this clip, but the lead in is great too.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gLyqdzu-F4k
  9. Not a lot. The neck feels a little different, otherwise they're the same.
  10. Up this page a ways is my Iced Tea Trad+. I sold it in pursuit of an R8 that didn't work out. With the end of year blow outs I didn't have to suffer without for too long. I got a Gold Top. Here she is with a few cosmetic changes.
  11. I (finally!) got a white TRC. Had no success in getting 1 engraved, so got w/b/w 3 ply from Terrapin. Put it on took the pics and bacl to the black "SG" one. The white kinda looks out of place. It was worth a try though. On a side note - the guitar spent a few weeks in the gray lined case with no issues. I like this much better
  12. It's called worn natural. It's a thin satin finish. Post some pics when yours comes!
  13. I love mine! It quickly became my #1. I like a beefy neck and it's definitely on the thin side, but SO playable. Maybe I really prefer thinner? I set it up, replaced the caps and made some cosmetic changes and it's perfect. Really easy to play and the P-90s sound great. I've never personally played Bare Knuckles, but from what I've read they should be a nice upgrade and who doesn't love a Bigsby? Rock that puppy! I changed the PG, reflector knobs and an "SG" truss rod cover.
  14. Thanks again! I already emailed him!
  15. Thanks for the suggestions. A coworker suggested Scotch-Gaurding the case. I think I'll try upholstery cleaner, sit in the sun a few days, Scotch-Guard and a white sheet to try to protect it. So far it stays out because it's constantly being played. The white TRC with black lettering would look great! Any leads on 1 would be really helpful.
  16. I recently bought a used white SG Standard. It's the GC exclusive model with coil split Burst Bucker 1 at the neck and 3 at the bridge. I'm absolutely in love with this guitar. Awesome player and smokin' sound! When the guitar arrived it had some pinkish color stains on the body in several places. I was able to get it out using some Meguiars auto products as recommended by a Luthier. It came in a Gibson hard shell case with the white fuzzy interior. There is a red tint to a lot of the interior. I believe that this case originally housed a red SG and some of the tint bled into the lining. Mine was shipped from FL to MD in July and was probably in some serious heat, which helped to transfer the red tint to the white SG. So, I'm afraid to keep the guitar in the case. I also have another SG ('60s Tribute in worn natural) that I bought a Gibson Gear case for. The GG case has a gray interior and it looks like almost all of the after market cases are gray or black inside. Is anybody keeping a white Gibson in 1? I don't think the pink tint would even show on the worn natural, but I really don't want a gray stain on my white SG either. Any experience with this, or an opinion from Gibson on their gray lining would be appreciated. Here she is after being cleaned up: And after changing plastics to white:
  17. My path to the 60s Tribute went through an Epi 1961 SG in TV Yellow. I thought it would be a nice cheap way into a P-90 SG. The finish is the main reason I returned it. There is a veneer top and bottom that is only on the flat surface that gave the finish an odd brown stain look. Even worse, the veneer only goes to the tip of 1 horn on the back. Check out any pictures of the transparent finishes and you'll see it. I can post pics of the 1 I sent back if you want. Mine also had a number of other finish flaws. I know the way it plays and sounds is more important than looks, but I couldn't get past it. Had I ordered a solid color I would probably still have it. Direct comparison (all IMO): The Gibson worn finish is far more attractive, no cheap veneer look The Gibson plays better (after tweaking both) The Gibson sounds better (better pups, pots, etc.) The Epi is better appointed with a bound neck, reflectors, pointers, inlaid logo, etc. Gibson should be ashamed of the gig bag they provide in any case, but especially compared to the Epi gig bag which is really nice. For me personally I feel like the price difference was more than justified. When I took the Epi out of its gig bag I was immediately disappointed. When I took the Gibson out it impressed me and continues to impress. It became my #1 very quickly. I don't want to pee in anybody's Wheaties that chooses the Epi, but I do want to relate my personal experience with both guitars.
  18. It's a Jeannie pickguard. My link He sells them mostly through ebay. Pick Guardian will do it cheaper, but I have not seen theirs. The Jeannie fit perfectly.
  19. I have 1 in worn natural that I got in December. It quickly became my number 1. I absolutely love it. I made a few cosmetic changes and upgraded the caps to USA PIO. The sound was great and the cap upgrade improved it! I'm a tinkerer, but I'm out of things to mess with.
  20. I recently faced the same decision and went with the 60s Tribute. They should sound the same, all of the electronics are the same and the same wood is used for both. The Classic offers a bound fretboard and gloss finish. So why the Tribute? I really like the small pickguard and worn natural finish. My Tribute quickly became my #1 and my other guitars sit jealously in their cases waiting for a chance. I really love this guitar! Mine has a 3 piece body with very nice seam work. You really can't go wrong either way!
  21. I bought my 60s Tribute SG from MF also. Had it about a week now. There is 1 tiny "zit" in the finish on the back, otherwise it's perfect. It definitely needed a setup. The bass side of the bridge was 4x higher than the treble side. I evened that out, restrung and gave the fretboard a drink of lemon oil. Really loving this guitar. The body is 3 piece. Sure I wish it was 2, but she plays and sounds great. I was nervous ordering online, but really happy. The only real disappointment is the gig bag.
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