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  1. If only I could play like Frank or Dweezil.
  2. 60s Tribute. Only had it a few days.
  3. Clump

    The Studio club

    I bought it used, but barely touched. The switch was actually upside down when I got it. Yes, that led to some head scratching for a few minutes. The nut on the switch was very loose. I must have rotated the chip some while tightening and didn't notice.
  4. Clump

    The Studio club

    HAHA 2 JBs in a row! I straightened the poker chip since taking the pics.
  5. Thanks! I guess there's a problem. I'll try cleaning the switch and pots and exercise the connectors. I think I see 50s wiring in the future. Maybe I shouldn't mess with it - having a problem is the perfect excuse to replace some stuff!
  6. I made a trade for a beautiful 2009 Vintage Mahogany Studio last week. My first Gibson LP! Really happy with this guitar and loving the sounds from the Burstbucker Pros. 1 odd thing - It has a PCB for the controls with round metal Gibson stamped pot casings. I understand how the volume controls interact in the middle switch position. They do a similar thing up or down. To be real specific: Switch up (neck), neck volume 10, bridge volume 0 = no output. Switch up (neck), neck volume 10, bridge volume 1-10 = output. Once the bridge is turned up enough to get any output at all the volume doesn't change. Is this normal? Control Cavity -
  7. Here's mine. I THINK it's a Classic. Got it from CL over the weekend. It needed a good cleaning and restring, but otherwise is in great shape. 1 knob was broken, but I had a set of ambers that IMO look better than the gold knobs did. Pups are HB6N neck and HOTHB8B bridge. I'll change out the wiring/caps/pots/jack/switch and see how it goes. S/N decodes to: Your guitar was made at the Saein Plant, Korea/China February 2001 Production Number: 2772 I'd appreciate any insight as to what this actually is. It appears to be completely stock (at least for now )
  8. Thanks everybody. I bought the guitar on ebay a few months ago. It was described as perfect, mint, flawless and is not, but is well worth what I paid and in pretty good shape for its age. I cleaned it, replaced the G string tuner, put on the speed knobs and it's just a great player. I'm so glad I kept it! The speed knobs were temporary. I have a set of chrome insert top hats, but haven't put them on. Here's a shot of the back that shows some of the worming: The back and the edges are the worst parts, but the faded finish hides marks well and I grin like an idiot every time I play it.
  9. I got one not too long ago and really like it. There seem to be a couple of ebay sellers trying to capitalize on the rarity, but it seems like they aren't really higher value than other fadeds. Very versatile - should be fine for blues. Here's a coupls pics:
  10. Clump

    Cleaning Faded SG

    Thanks all. I ended up using warm water with just a few drops of dishwashing liquid and it worked well. I conditioned the fretboard with lemon oil and it looks great - very black and shiny. Next string change I'll try some 0000 steel wool.
  11. I just bought a 2002 Faded with ebony fret board and crescent moon inlays. The guitar is very dirty and dusty. I've seen some topics about cleaning the faded finish, but they are more for normal maintenance type cleaning. Any advice? I plan to clean it with water and dish washing liquid on a soft cloth. Once dry lemon oil on the fret board. Will any of that be a problem? Is lemon oil OK on the faded finish? Thanks!
  12. Sorry I don't know what the Gibson pups sound like split. I'm a pretty new player, about 6 months in. My other electric is a Tele and the Epi pups in single coil mode sound nothing like the Tele, but I don't think anybody expects them to.
  13. New to the board and a new Epiphone! Last weekend's $75 off coupon at GC proved to be too much for me. I went to the Rockville, MD store seeking a Traditional Pro. They had 1 each Ebony and Wine Red on the floor. The Ebony 1 is well on it's way to being a relic. I didn't know it was even possible to scratch a guitar up between the pickups as much as it's showing. Whoever did this must hold the pick in an iron grip on the very back edge and strum like a maniac. It also had scratches and dings pretty much all over the face of the guitar. The Wine Red was pretty decent, loaded with fingerprints, but not beat to hell yet. They had 1 Burst still in the unopened box that I brought home. Quickie review: Finish is very nice. I can't find any problems. I'm really liking the satin neck and back. The setup was OK out of the box. I tweaked the truss rod a bit and lowered the bridge. The action is very nice now. Messed with the intonation a bit and it's close; will get it better after new strings and once I'm done messing with the action. The pickups are hot! I had to turn down a good bit compared to my Baja Tele. Pickups sound nice. I'm used to the Tele single volume and tone controls, there's a lot of variety here. The bridge pup tone pot appears to have a bent shaft. That's the only issue I've found so far. I'll probably change to speed knobs and will straighten it then. These are supposed to come with strap locks. This particular GC had no Epiphone strap locks in the store at all. It's not a huge thing, but you should get what's advertised. They're trying to find some for me. Overall I'm thrilled. It seems to be a great value for the money. Pics:
  14. I just got a Les Paul traditional Pro at Guitar Center last Saturday and all that was in the box was the warranty card. Didn't even get the strap locks that are supposed to come with it. Working on at least getting the locks. The guitar was in a taped closed Epiphone box that I watched the salesman open. They can't find any Epi strap locks in the store. Is GC removing this stuff at a warehouse somewhere?
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