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  1. Are you alright you've been missing in action on the forum , hope all is ok


  2. Mine was destined to become a wall hanging as it was darn near impossible to keep the neck straight and true. Luckily I was pointed in the right direction and a local guy repaired it back, good as new.
  3. HI Guys I am going into to town tomorrow to look over a 120 anniversary model Les Paul. Any one have one? If what are your thoughts on them? Interested to here from you kytty
  4. Over all I would rate 2013 as a relatively good year. I went from occasional part time work (say 1 or 2 days a week) to working a 9 day fortnight. Yes its still only part time and yes I had to think out side the square. Yes I have to travel 61/2hr a day 9 days out every 14 but hey I gotta job that pays, and I live 3Iives at once: I have my life at home (which I treasure), my life at work (which is never dull) and my life on a train (where I sleep mainly ha). Its allowed me to pay off my debts, buy my cool bass (see avatar) get some gear(amps and stuff) and basically feel like a contributing human again Yep my poor old dad coped a beating at the hands of a cow, but he's tough and pulled through though still not firing on all 8 cylinders yet. I buried a couple of friends, saw a few more get lost on drugs. But as long as I can continue to wake up alive, I will continue to smile at all I pass by.
  5. Hey Timefortea Falcons were made from 1978 to 1984 with bolt on and neck through models the falcon was part of the "winged series" which contained Raven, Hawk, Falcon, Eagle 6 string guitars together with scavenger (raven) and vulture (hawk) basses. These were made in Japan in at three Japanese factories. Matsumoku ( the Pro Aria, Westone factories) and Yamaki (daion) the third factory has not as yeen identified. a falcons could be of ash, rosewood or maple tops; the necks had 5 piece maple rosewood maple through necks with ebony fringerboards. b falcons could be of ash, rosewood or maple tops; have maple-rosewood necks with ebony fingerboards. c falcons were of ash with maple tops, maple necks and ebony fingerboards So depending on which falcon you own as to its qualies/tones will be Personally I have an 81 Raven and two daions. my own raven is a solid mahony geet with a 1 piece bolt on neck with a rosewood fingerboard that weighs a tonne (these were not weight relieved)but sounds great, plays great, has a good low fast action and has had a pride place in my stable since new. despite having been hurlted off the back of a motor cycle at high speed landing head first, it has had nothing more that strings. hope this helps
  6. Congratulations and Snap I too have a cherry red EMB5 #2785
  7. Thanks for that Robin. I am struggling with purchasing an amp. I have listened to several now and the ones i really like i can't afford and/or justify as a total novice player. I guess the best in my price bracket was a hartke hx115. I have been offered a harkte vx410 (http://www.guitar.com.au/amplifiers/bass/hartke/VX410.htm) with a beringer head (http://www.behringer.com/EN/Products/BVT4500H.aspx) for around the same money, but given the comments I am guessing this might be too harsh??
  8. No not really. I would have said around 400AUD. but I would rather wait an extra couple of weeks or so, save and get something decent rather than rush in and get "what's there" and be disappointed, hence all the newbie questions. I will do some ground work will in town next week and come back here with loads of questions
  9. Bass players... mmmm ...I gotta lot to learn
  10. I get your drift Corson, I have only a very simple amp for my guitars and a couple of pedals, (and I don't use them very often.) They will do all that I ever want I plan to have a look round in the trade in section some Guitar shops in Melbourne during my lunch times over the next couple of weeks and see what's around and what prices are like.
  11. Hey guys, Good news. The neck on the bass has settled down and now seems to be behaving itself. Apparently it had be "adjusted" incorrectly and took a bit of fiddling with. It has sat in the tech shop for a week now with out being adjusted and it is straight and true. Dave is happy with it and is now ready to set to and work on the pots. I have ordered in a new hard shell case for it. Next off the rank will be an amp.... I guess this is were the fun starts. Any ideas on amp for this bad puppy?
  12. Thanks for the suggestions guys Thanks Robin, that would be great if you can! Seems this bass has a few problems I noticed the neck had a slight bow. The guys adjusted it got it nice and level only to see in less than 5 mins it was out again. Also two pots don't work (no not the one with the broken knob). My soldering skills are at best "Agricultural" So i have left it in the shop for the guys to weave their magic I'll keep you updated
  13. I would definitely be interested in the template. If you could scan and email (PM) it that would be fantastic. Thanks! When you mention "spraying" the potentiometers I am correct in guessing you mean compressed air?
  14. Thanks for all this great info !! Regarding the pot shaft - Although the knob itself has a large chunk out of the side of it, it is still appears to operate. That's not to say it is not cracked. Can i check it by simply removing the knob and locking nut or is it best to remove the circuit board to check it properly? I would be happy to have a crack at basic soldering but have never done anything on circuit boards. I haven't had the back off it yet. this links to a photo of the broken knob http://forum.gibson.com/index.php?/topic/91169-the-all-new-whats-on-your-mind-this-day-thread/page__view__findpost__p__1364369 "As a side note to help on your hunt, the non-reverse Thunderbirds had reverse headstocks, while the regular "reverse" Thunderbirds have non-reverse headstocks,." As confusing as this seems I think I understand. Overall I am guessing that may prove more problematic than the potentiometers... maybe making something is the way to go? I agree regarding the overall weight and "feel" of the bass. Not at all heavy and fells balanced. I like the feel of the neck too. I have rather small hands but can reach most of the sound board with out excessive stretching. I cant wait to fire it up on Thursday Thanks again for your help
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