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  1. OK, so this weekend I replaced the TUSQ saddle and plastic end pins with vintage-dyed bone replacements from Colosi. I had the same type of problem with my J-45 being unbalanced plugged in. Don't know if it's the bone, or just having pulled the old saddle out and seating this one snugly in it's place, but it is now very evenly balanced plugged in, and sounds even better unplugged. Definitely worth the minor investment to really make this guitar shine. It will take you all of about 30 minutes of patient sanding to fit the new saddle. End pins drop in perfectly. Good luck!
  2. Sorry ... love mine too much to advise you to buy anything else! Just dropped a new saddle and bridge pins in it over the weekend and it looks and sounds even sweeter!
  3. Markus is right - I've had a tonerite on mine since I got it on Tuesday. Well, in between playing it anyway. And I'm sure there's people who don't believe it does anything, but I've used it on about 6 different guitars now, and I notice a difference. I'm doing that and ordering a new bone saddle and pins from Colosi. Not that it didn't sound nice when I first got it, but I definitely prefer the sound of bone over Tusq and plastic! And now that I went back and saw the description of the guitars, I think that while I may have had the pricing wrong, the Martin is probably the more difficu
  4. 3,2,1 for me. 3 sounded like it played the smoothest, 2 had a nicer bottom end perhaps, but sounded like either a higher action or cheaper guitar. Sounded, as I have no idea what you were playing on.
  5. I actually just got a brand new J-45 yesterday with basically the opposite problem. Unplugged the guitar sounds even and awesome. Plugged in, the b ad e strings on the treble side ring much louder than the other 4 strings, which seem well balanced. Saw the post about the saddle possibly being to blame, so hopefully when I replace it with a Colosi bone saddle it will correct itself. A little disappointing, but I can smooth it out with my LR Baggs Para DI box. Love the guitar though!
  6. I'm REAL happy with the mahogany sound of my new J-45 - it's the first guitar I've owned with that type of wood and I like the tone and feel of it. Definitely different than the rosewood back and sides of my other guitars - and in a good way.
  7. Thanks everybody - it's nice to know that starting point when you first get your guitar, in case you decide "that" is the sound you want to continue to get out of it. I generally use Elixir or EJs, but we'll see what kind of sound these make before I just go switching them out. Jim
  8. All, I am currently waiting on delivery of a new J-45 this week, and I am wondering (as Gibson doesn't list it) if anyone knows what type of string Gibson generally ships these with, as well as what gauge of string they typically recommend - lights, mediums, etc? Thanks in advance for any info. Jim
  9. Wow, right you are - I like what I see out here. I assume you've ordered some from him in the past yourself? Is it wrong to be thinking about customizing a guitar before I've even taken possession of it? I did get good news earlier though - thought I'd be waiting until April but the guitar came in today Thanks for the heads up!
  10. Planning to order the Vintage Bone Saddle and Bridge Pins w/2mm Faux Tortise inlays from him as soon as possible. Did something similar on my Martin D-16R and it improved the tone and sustain considerably from the original Tusq and plastic parts. Also looking into getting a custom truss rod from this outfit: Custom Truss Rod Covers - Jim -
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