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  1. I have been playing my new Taylor 717e a lot. Here is my version of "Helpless' by Neil Young....one mic pointed at the guitar and vocaliser to show what the guitar is like with singing....😪 (Neumann KM184) BluesKing777.
  2. I was working away and next thing people across the road made some unbearable noise, so I hightailed it to my music room, shut the door and grabbed a guitar, played for a minute and then thought to record the thing I was doing.....Cargill custom 00 deep body guitar for some blues. (Had the Neumann KM184 pretty close and had to hold my breath after I peaked out the meter half way in...reject?) BluesKing777.
  3. Yeah, don't do the thing that hurts, and if pain persists.... BluesKing777.
  4. A shop near Melbourne city has this: Gibson - Sheryl Crow Signature Model Made in USA. 2005. Signature Artist series. A painstaking recreation of Crow's Gibson Country Western. Production number 1099. Fitted with an L.R. Baggs Element Active Acoustic Pickup System. w/ OHSC More from Gibson $3,500.00 Enquire They also have a 1960 Hummingbird! (Bit pricey but...) Gibson - Hummingbird Made in Kalamazoo USA1960 in the first year of production. Incredible mellow sound. Incredible low action. A very smooth instrument. Excellent condition for age. Some cosmetic wear from use but no damage. Original adjustable ceramic saddle. Non destructive Schatten pickup installed. Gold Gibson Kluson tuners. w/ hard case More from Gibson $12,500.00 Enquire BluesKing777.
  5. No pain! Here is the preamp: https://www.fishman.com/products/series/platinum/platinum-pro-eq-analog-preamp/ (I have the previous model, not made any more, but pretty much the same thing). BluesKing777.
  6. I think I have bought and tried just about all the pickups you can get since then! And guitars with pickup systems. And gadgetry. I wouldn’t buy it again - it was probably the first pickup I bought. At the risk of repeating myself, I will tell the same story a different way. I will tell you my order of preference for hitting the road tomorrow... OK, not true, but say I have a gig interstate tomorrow night. What do I take currently? One of my 3 Matons with their Hiscox case. Need to check to see if the guitar is inside the case, it feels so light. 00 deep body guitar with the best pickup system you can currently get, in the best custom size case protection. The case has provision for the Hiscox carry strap for slinging the thing over shoulder or back if it is starting to get heavy hoofing down the airport terminal. Guitar lead, tuner, strings in the glove box. Everything I need. ‘Don’t go on after the Maton player!’ A distant second to take at the moment would be my new Taylor 717e with the ES2 pickup system, but I would need to take my Tonedexter to get it to sound how I like. If someone said something like: ‘You are playing at the Gibson Acoustic Guitar Club lunch and you have to play a Gibson!’, I would grab the Gibson Blues King and put the Baggs M1A in it, chuck it in a Hiscox, pack my Fishman Pro EQ preamp and my Tonedexter, 3 guitar leads, tuner, strings. And somewhere long down the list that will never make it, is the Fishman REB. BluesKing777.
  7. Best thing is to avoid dishwashing!😄 Wear gloves if toughing it (dishwashing, washing car, hacking and sawing). BluesKing777.
  8. I suggested the Baggs M1A because it is easy for guitarists new to pickups. Place in soundhole, tighten screws, dangle lead out the front, plug in, ready to go! You can wrap the lead around the bottom of the guitar, put a small piece of tape to hold it, and run it around to wrap around the endpin to keep it to the side of your feet a bit. To alter the tone, it is best to have a compatible preamp with EQ, extra controls are always helpful. About 44 million guitarists just use the pickup direct to amp. But I like to carve out the low bass, squawky mids and brittle highs.....and the more you spend, the better the result normally. Each guitar is different, but I generally only adjust the polepieces once. BluesKing777.
  9. Done! What about the sending me the Moon too, Billroy? And a fatter neck! BluesKing777.
  10. Yeah, I suppose it won’t be very ‘vintagey’ if it has volume and tone controls sticking out the side.... But, you know, that is the marketing angle, vintage made in 2019? They could change it to ‘vintage inspired but with modern conveniences’ or some shxxxxxxte. Even the marketing on the 717e in my recording above is something silly like ‘has a torrefied top to sound like a vintage Taylor’ or something senseless. The guitar was only just invented, how can it be vintage anything? The Standard series are probably the likely recipients of the newly to be invented Gibson Acoustic Blastmaster, ha, dual source pickup with volume control and tone controls...shattering. Anything but the poor old Element, please. And you know, the Vintage models by request could get that new fangled..ha...discreet soundhole controls. ...ha ha..the Gibson Invisible Blastmaster Pickup System.🥶😨 And I want the Gibson Custom BK777 Invisible Blastmaster Deluxe! Where do I sign? BluesKing777.
  11. Hey, I know one thing...I am really enjoying playing a guitar that comes with a decent pickup system. I have said a few times that Gibson need to get a proprietry pickup system of their own instead of this hoiky Element stuff. Everyone here hangs it on them, but this Taylor is a guitar ready to play anywhere, anytime. Well done! BluesKing777.
  12. Here is another recording I made for the "Everyone is Mowing Their Lawns And I Can't Hear Anything Without Plugging In" Series..... So, I bought my Taylor 717e a couple of months back and it is preloaded with a pickup system _Taylor ES2. It is very similar to a K&K pickup, I have been told, but has a preamp and vol/tone controls. I like it plugged direct, could do it...but I have Tonedexter!😠 So the file I am using in Tonedexter for the 717e is one I made using a plain (cheap?) old Shure SM57, which has its own tonal character I know and like...: BluesKing777.
  13. Thanks! I usually cut at least a 1/4 turn on my mixer for bass, treble and swept mids for soundhole type pickups. Savage! The M1A suits the LG3, trial and error! BluesKing777.
  14. No mic anywhere, BBG I cut a lot of bass, a lot of middle and a lot of treble....to smooth the sound out. It is the same eq setting I use with my Sunrise and Seymour Duncan Mag Mic pickups. (Plus the 1 and 2 poles are removed plus the others down very low. The 3 pole seems to pickup enough of 1 and 2......some people like those strings louder, depends on the music I guess.) BluesKing777.
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