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  1. Sorry - tech problem!😨 Oh well, the cat got out of the bag without me asking it.... A little version I recorded of Robert Jonhson's "Phono Blues" to show the 'acoustic resonance' button de-quacker on my Boss VE8 - ran my 1959 Gibson LG3 with Fishman undersaddle plain and passive piezo pickup, added 1/4 turn of the resonance and my vocal in a Shure SM58... BluesKing777.
  2. Hmm...Kidblast, I think it was...ripped his Anthem out because the soundhole control section rattled and buzzed... thought I had better mention it. Now I was thinking of getting the full Anthem put in my 2007 Gibson Blues King L-00. It came with the Element, pretty horrible, so I was going to treat it to an Anthem for all these happy years of acoustic service and guinea piggedness with all kinds of soundhole pickups. BUT, I was playing (and singing) through my Boss VE8 yesterday I tried the dreaded Element in the BK hooked direct to the VE8 to try the "Acoustic Resonance" knob. And just a mere 1/4 turn of the knob gets rid of a fair slice of the piezo quack. Add some Vokes with a SM58 and some spill, well I have to say I could maybe run with it. It is not as convincing as an Aura or a Tonedexter, but you know, If I was using the rest of the stuff on the Boss VE8, well...vocal, reverbs, delay, harmony, loop, - it really is a great little box. I only use a splash of reverb and the occasional harmony for a chorus part for vokes, and usually not one thing for guitars - just plug in a sorted pickup. Here is the blurb: Play With the VE-8’s dedicated guitar channel, your acoustic axe will sound just as great as your vocals. Acoustic Resonance magically restores your natural guitar sound, eliminating the sterile piezo “quack” that plagues typical undersaddle pickups used in plugged-in acoustics. Reverb and chorus are on hand too, plus cool BOSS effects like Octave, Mod Delay, and more. There’s a built-in tuner as well, a must-have tool for stage performing. And with the phase switch and notch filter, you have fingertip access for killing any feedback issues the instant they arise. BluesKing777.
  3. You won't want to hear this but here goes... My 2005 Gibson Dove came with the full Baggs Anthem and I really like it. I put the mic near to full, backed up a little, volume to full then backed a little and it sounds very good plugged to my Boss VE8, no extra stuff. The 'TruMic' part gives it the 'air' or 'realism'. Now, a short disclaimer - my Boss VE8 has magic fairies inside that make a lot of pickups I have tried sound really nice and when I put the same pickup through my amp or mixer - yuk! It must be some electronica that automatically adjusts for a certain pickup. Basically, I don't know but like it..... BluesKing777.
  4. You could do worse than buying a used Gibson Blues King L-00 to get you started while you learn all the model millions... (I just put my BK down after playing an hour, it is absolutely great!) Or a new L-00 Vintage: or a new/used Gibson L-00 Studio made with walnut: But then you have vintage L-00s!!!: or even move to vintage LG2s!!! And on we go! BluesKing777.
  5. Well, not many guitars getting made by us... So here are a few Gibson Montana videos to inspire some of you on and upwards... BluesKing777.
  6. Wonder if they would take my cabriolet as trade? I haven’t been in to that shop to measure or try, but I have their listing and a couple of others bookmarked to ‘acoustic guitars for sale’ on the top lines of my iPad! Quick check of the movers and shakers now and again..... I can tell you that they have sold 2 new birds, one cherry and one tobacco, this week, 1 J45 Standard and a shed load of various Matons! For the price they want for the used Legend, I am fairly sure them Maton fellers would come to my house to measure, something, anything I wanted, then deliver! What else I can tell you is that 99.99% of guits for sale new or used at the moment are....dreads. Only L-00 sized guits are a new BK, 2 Waterloos and about 50 Maton 808s of various varieties. BluesKing777.
  7. We were probably just noise to most of the punters, and each guitar I mentioned above had big dents and dings from being knocked to the floor by bandmates! Floor pedals had been drowned beer. It was mainly to sound my best.....I did buy a cheapie after my metal Dobro had a crash, but only used it live once. Besides, the first gig I ever did when a kid was with my Telecaster, worth more than my life! Legend is still at the shop...will it make it past the weekend without being bought? BluesKing777.
  8. Good points.... But over the years, I have played in some places I don’t think I should have taken myself let alone the Strat or Tele or Les Paul or metal Dobro.....one horrid gig being a return booking that the bass player and I almost cancelled out while parked out front! But we made it by the skin of our teeth and played our best instruments, hence sounding our best......a point FOR taking the Legend out....... And the poor old back hadn’t let me slouch on a couch and play for many a year. Straight back chair! BluesKing777.
  9. Yes, I shouldn't have asked him a dumb question he probably would love to answer but can't because of oncoming commitments....Sorry JT! Moving right along....I dragged out my Martin OM18 Authentic and played it for an hour - it has toasted Adi top over mahogany (plus all the lovely spacious real estate) and it does sound OLD! Cost me a mint online and the case too! It is a beautiful guitar but if any complaints from me, it is still breaking in but getting there, not as 'brittle' as it was but also very 'pretty'. You know, would sound great with fingerpicked versions of faves at the winery on Sunday afternoons.... Whereas I am thinking the J45 Legend would be a bruiser on a Saturday night bar gig.... And that leads us to the other problem - pickups, well, none. The normal soundhole pickups like Sunrise, Baggs M80 and M1A don't fit in the OM18A soundhole! And I can't bring myself to drill it for a pickup. I would be reluctant to put a pickup in the J45 Legend too....so it could be an expensive case queen. There you go - I have talked myself out of it! BluesKing777.
  10. Well. it is apparent we need a few guitar makes! Or we are not going to have much.😨 BluesKing777.
  11. Hey JT, have you played a J45 Legend? Is so, honest impression? BluesKing777.
  12. Fantastic news! (a free JT LG1 RI with every DVD/Movie ticket for Gibson Acoustic Forum members?) 😎 BluesKing777.
  13. Some selfish self analysis.........why did I ask about the various Legends? Because for my fingerpicking, I like the larger neck and real estate. My 35 Black Special has a great neck and my Waterloos have copies of that era neck. And other guitars I have.... So I would like a J45 with 1 3/4” nut and large V neck with plenty of room......but I don’t really want a new piece of Adi to break in. And we can’t import vintage models easily anymore. I may just settle for that worn 2002 J45 with the strange bridge pin arrangement while I try and sell a body part or two to get that Legend. BluesKing777.
  14. Hey, JT! Maybe the new management would be interested in starting your project again? That could get very interesting. How do you feel about that? BluesKing777.
  15. If you worked at Gibson Acoustic in Montana, which job would you like to do? (apart from the Boss!). Use current skills for something or learn new ones? I think I could divide my time between the paint/finish and a bit of graphic art, hopefully no computer data file work! BluesKing777.
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