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  1. No gigs here either - it just looks like they are going ahead and they get cancelled after somebody breathes on someone, etc....a bit hard to sing in a mask anyway! You are still happy with your new pickup system but I get annoyed with ...batteries......especially that half way point in their life when things start to act a little bit wonky. So, the K&K Mini part of your Trinity is passive...if your battery croaks on you and none around, just run a normal mono guitar lead out and you have just the pickup - no mic. The straight K&K can be used in an emergency direct to your mixer -
  2. Aye Yi Yi Yi! πŸ‘Œ Sounds good! I have a Boss VE8 with similar harmony trigger stuff and I practice with that setup and always feel like I am playing in a bar - it is the reverb/delay setting - yours has a similar sound. Good stuff. I can imagine sitting in a bar and you playing away.... (P.S. the 'Aye Yi Yi's have stuck in my head - going to be singing it all day!) What settings are you using on the Trinity pre? You have all the ingredients, if you turn up too much, there (in the video) for a big screaming guitar mic with the amp, PA, vocal mic. I have been experimenting with headphon
  3. I have never been near any kind of Guild that I remember - they never made it this far south, I guess! But I have seen Jake's blog a bit and he does seem to know his stuff... you can repair guitars though. BluesKing777.
  4. Too kind but untrue, JZ! I need the absolute excellent very best guitar I can get my hands on....and that is the trick! It doesn't have to be good looking. πŸ˜† BluesKing777.
  5. To elucidate further.....there are hundreds of Toyotas and Volvos.......small body guitar lover and aficionado here .......... I suppose my Cargill Custom deep body 00 is perhaps a...BMW? Then my poor old 52 LG1 is a 60s Toyota Crown 😁: And my 2002 would be a used Volvo S70 😁: But reading between the lines of the OP, the motivation (or is that motor-vation? ha!) is to buy a Gibson vintage model without perhaps stumping up for the big one. When LG1s were first made, there wasn't the pure amount of choice you have now....a cheapie used Eastman small
  6. I would never buy a guitar I haven’t played again..... So I would lower my sights to something available locally. Only you know what you like. Maton were closed for Covid lockdown and at the same time people bought guitars online in a frenzy and shops are now trying to restock. I have no idea but suspect to order one could take a long while...email Maton and check. BluesKing777.
  7. I was practicing this morning with my gold Shubb capo on 3rd fret of my Waterloo WL-14l (ladder braced) and was loving the sound so much, I stopped to press the record button for you. Perfect sound for the blues! Should call it "Thanks Bill!" BluesKing777.
  8. Hair? I suppose real hair and a one off hand made custom spec guitar are both irreplaceable....can't get them off a rack!😡 I'm thinking an all mahogany including top in exactly the same shape and neck as my current Cargill for a spare Cargill...and gloss black 'cos I get bored with the mahogany brown look. Hmmm. Just needs money and a phone call...hmmm...... BluesKing777.
  9. Thanks MP! I wasn't really going to give him my guitar - he already has one! He may not even want mine - it has my own custom features like a big wide neck and spacing similar to Martin Mod Vs....no, we played it for 2 practice sessions yesterday...acoustically at lunchtime and plugged after work when the weirdos next door play gangster rap really, really loud. So now I am thinking I need another Cargill ...in case something happens to this one! BluesKing777.
  10. Local guy Geoff Achison playing some acoustic blues on his Cargill Custom Guitar. I have my sensational Cargill, my "Black Pearl", nothing like a handmade guitar! After listening to Geoff play, I might as well give it to him! Link may not work, here goes: https://www.facebook.com/457656101024134/videos/957636574977900/ BluesKing777.
  11. There are Martins and then there are Martins! I am fortunate to have one of the OM18 Authentic VTS, similar to this video guitar. Sensational fingerpicker..... BluesKing777.
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